dress, your children well (while they'll let you)

when one has babies, and the flavor is 'girl' everyone is pysched for you. "imagine the possibilities!! " they shout. "oh i bet you're in heaven' others proclaim. 'so perfect for you!"

and it is.....it's like a "stylist" dream come true....

with this, i was blessed (sometimes, maybe 'cursed'). 2 times over. i hit the girl jack-pot. back in the day , i would wear a path up and down fillmore, union street, chestnut...buying beautiful french , italian or indie lines.

but at around 2, the apple falls not far from the tree. and so, your child becomes their own size, tinier rachel zoe. and i can tell you, rachel zoe, has never seen the likes of these young women.
you want to know about 'accessorizing'? g.f. sit yo skinny ass down, as you have a lot to learn. (capes and tutus work really well together with a groovy rain boot. and btw.....bandaids are the new bangle)

photo thanks to flickr member .serena.

i am no longer the one who gets to choose my children's clothing nor do they appreciate the fine lines that i adore. old navy & gap works just great for them these days.

so herein, i applaud some of the most beautiful children's clothing lines i know. thank god for innovative thinkers like these designers. they help us, frustrated, stylist, keep our off-spring in check---for awhile.

oof!' (sort of like running into something at gut level. oof.)
petit bateau:
yes, yes, i know. you spent a semester sorbonne and p.b. is akin to hanes beefy tees. but for the rest of us, rubes. we love it. i do at least. i love my petit bateau camis. and both my chillen were brought home in their p.b. onsies. petit bateau is sort of a classic, can do no wrong.
flora and henri: the end all. be all.
started in seattle, this line would be my perfect world -childware. so gentle and beautifully crafted. stunnnnnn-ing. and the catalog is equally as beautiful papa d'anjou :
Papo d'Anjo's literal translation is "tummy of an angel", the name given to a very special little cake whose recipe dates back to the13th century.. my kids would actually wear this.
principally made of 100% cotton, with fabrics originating from well-known mills in France, Italy, Spain and England. With only a wink at fashion, Papo d’Anjo faithfully adheres to a
classic European style.
lucky wang nyc:
great, kids clothing with an asian accent...
kice kice:
i love the ararchitectural feel of these dresses. so sophisticated and hip. these with a great colored tight and a wonderful boot? now you're talking my language.
mor mor rita:
made of 100% oganic cotton,
dreamy, ethereal clothing that looks as though it belongs in an antique marionette show. SO creative and sweetly romantic. the collection is a feast for those who have an appreciation of subtle colors, quality fabrics, yarns and beautiful craftsmanship.


cotedetexas said…
my fav; mor mor rita, to die for!!!! ooh - I just found out tonight that I am going to be a great-aunt for the first time this summer. I;m going to link this line to my niece.
Heather said…
Too true...once kids choose what to wear we're outta luck. My 8 adn 10 year old daughters prefer to look like, their words, "Skate Rats" and "Sporty Girls." They prefer hooded shirts (worn with hooded vests); short sundresses dresses over a tshirt and jeans; shorts over leggings; and knit caps. They don't dress like anybody at their school and like it that way. We get most of their clothes at thrift stores at a yearly trip to a city. They lovei t. For now.

I always wanted them dress like Little House on the Prairie, though :)

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