etsy, sometimes you give me nightmares

some of the freakiest and deeply disturbing things can be found on etsy. behold:
"WOW your friends and family with this turkey head S&P shaker set. Measuring about six inches high these porcelain shakers disperse flavoring from their nostrils, sure to liven up any feast. These things are hot! "
weirdly phallic. these scare the bejeezus out of me. (can somthing be beautiful and repulsive all at once?) but i will say, they're beautifully done. porcelain salt and pepper shakers by guymichaeldavis
let me educate you. these completely bizarre dolls are called 'luts'. i know little more than this. but there are web sites dedicated to them. they're all 'ball jointed' making them especially bendy and life like. if you've ever been freaked out by dolls.....this might throw you right over the edge. from evenstar


SGM said…
Those turkey shakers sooooooo phallic. Creep-o. And the Luts? Nightmares for sure.
beachbungalow8 said…
SO phallic. in the worse way too. gives me the willies.

and whats up with the luts lust?
Anonymous said…
That is the face of a serial killer.
thankgawd for screen-saver 'cuz doll face is following, I swear.

And for extra creep-just do a 'luts' search on can even purchase a pair of eyeballs.
beachbungalow8 said…
luts eyeballs? why? what are people doing with these? i just don't get it! they're truly horrifying
Angela said…
Those are deffinitly weird. The luts face is creeping me out. I find so much odd stuff on etsy, that I regularly post about it now.

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