glubs- bum glam

it gets nippy here every once in awhile. we've been having 65 degree weather lately and that's CHILL-ay. (at least i think it is)
that's why i love these fingerless mittens. not only do they remind me of my "pretty in pink" era but they're the perfect thing to keep my paws warm while not having sweaty palms.
knit happens, i'm not sure if i just love the name. but, these '24 hour party people', johnny rotten, god save the queen gloves-- are bloody fabulous.
these are nice too shutterkate
love this photo
urban outfitter has some really sweet ones. i wear these, on top.
saks if you're fully committed to this look, and love luxury, these cashmere glubs are your answer.
i'm so fortunate, my mother can crank out an aran knit fisherman's sweater in a week. she's the most prolific knit-wits out there. i bought some skeins of cashmere the other day and have enlisted her in creating little ones for my little ones.


Style Court said…
I like the Anglo mania ones. Sounds like your mom is super talented -- creative family.
beachbungalow8 said…
ya i know, i totally love those anglo-mitts.

my mother is insane (figuratively...of course) and i say this, because i don't think she reads BB8, the woman is a NON stop knitter. nervous energy perhaps??

mom, if you read this, i swear it's with all due respect. but, really, you're kind of a knitting machine. nobody i know is quite as prolific as you.
Mrs. Blandings said…
I have a total mental picture of your wearing these in your new garage office. Poor Megan, cute gloves.
beachbungalow8 said…
i know, right? with my metal trash can fire place next to me.

sad, sad little troll like office in which i reside these days.
Anonymous said…
If you like fingerless mittens and can knit I totally reccoment the "fetching" on (
I added a few more cable rows on the wrist and by the fingers (and skipped the weird scalloped edge) and they are super easy to knit and very cute.

I've made pairs for everyone I know.

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