good mail tuesday

i was mentioning to my dear friend karen/bonjourbrookline the other day that my s.o., amidst planning this wedding, would like to take a wee trip to italy the week after christmas.
upon hearing this, i gulped. my heart raced. panic set in. that's A LOT to plan the day after christmas. but, it's his big birthday (40) so it was really important to him. and it's italy for god's sake. this is where a good friend leaps in.
yesterday i received this package....
can you believe this? books on italy, beautifully written notes on everything, the coolest highlighters with sticky things, and two luscious bottles of italian wine (one of which we broke into last night-delish!).
may you all be blessed with friends who spoil you with their generosity.
the time and thought put into this, alone, makes my whole world feel that much happier. thank you karen! mmmmwah.


freefalling said…
Wow - what a friend!!!
I'm thinking of planning a trip to Broome W.A. (Australia) - do you think she'd like to send me a really cool package like that???!!!
Ah, grazie...ain't no thang...I've got such a shared passion for my friends and for travel that I just have to share the joy.

Kate said…
So nice! There are too few people nowadays who appreciate the beauty of a spontaneous gesture of affection!
Anonymous said…
Very cool of Karen :) Sounds so fun, just do it!
Decorno said…
What a friend!!

PLUS, I spy a DK "Top 10" book, and they are THE BEST travel books. Lots of photos, great picks, great maps, and just nicely edited info. You are in good hands with that friend and that book.
Unknown said…
What a wonderful thing for your friend to do for you....I guess it is all set - you must go!
Anonymous said…
Ok --While my travel tips don't involve wine and books - (so sorry, crazy time of year) - My favorite travel tips involve the "Special Places to Stay" books by Alistair Sawaday. He is a UK travel author that has steered us to some of the best places we've ever stayed all over the world. We travel a little different than others in that we want to "be french" rather than stay in a US hotel in France...we want neighborhoods and commuters and ladies picking up dinner from the grocer. Which is where he's been lucky for us. In Paris it was a small darling hotel where I had tea each morning while looking at L'tour Eiffel --Or in Spain it was a farm in the hills with a cordon-bleu trained chef as the owner. All different and all fabulous. You can rent a villa with a chef and nanny and a staff or he will also list the guest houses that go with the villas - all have something a little special. He has a website - check it out. enjoy and love it.
beachbungalow8 said…
thank you jessica!

i'm so excited to check it out. it sounds right up my alley. tremendously helpful!
katiedid said…
I agree...a very rare friend indeed! Go!
What a totally *incredible* friend. That is a whole new realm of wonderfulness.

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