i tivo this...

"the bachelor"
'little people, big world'
'john and kate plus 8'
i know. i expose this at great risk.
there really are no words.
i have a fascination with the human condition. in whatever form that may be. and because of viewers like me, english majors from harvard can't find a writing job in hollywood.
there needs to be a discussion around this bachelor business. it is the most CRINGE inducing show i've ever watched. i break out in a sweat watching it. watch it-- and you'll feel excellent about every bad choice you've ever made in life.


Anonymous said…
you aren't the only one. i love 'little people big world' - i don't quite know what is so intriguing. my husband and i are still trying to figure out exactly what they "do"...? thanks for your honesty... i feel better about my tv line-up as a result.
beachbungalow8 said…
that's EXACTLY what i can't figure out. 'what do they 'do'?
where are they getting all of this money?? i can't imagine tlc is paying them that much.
cotedetexas said…
they have jobs - i remember that from last year - he got fired right and she went back to work? something like that - but money or the loss of income was a big concern in the beginning. HEY - what is the premise behind the 8 kids -are they adopted or what - what is it about?
SGM said…
Does John and Kate plus 8 not TOTALLY stress you out? Just watching it give me so much anxiety; I can't imagine living it.
beachbungalow8 said…
yes, the plus 8 show gives me stress. but it also, makes me realize how easy i have it.

joni, what kind of job does that guy have though? there's no way dude is making bank off of stools. i think tlc redid their house gratis.

those babies? those 6 babies, came out of that woman's body. hormone shots. and she had twins before that! there was a whole show on her stomach surgery. her stomach looked like an 80 year old's bottom.
I am so glad that there is another smart girl out there who watches this stuff. My Tivo list is 75% reality TV, and 100% embarrassing.

Watching other people make stupid choices makes me feel smart and skinny. Real Housewives of the OC? Keeping Up with the Kardashians? Tori and Dean: Inn Love? Just the tip of the iceberg.

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