i some how bounced onto the blog 'petunia' the other day... and it has captured my heart. i'm not much of a crafter (although i would secretly love to be) and so instead i look on, eyes half lidded in admiration at those who are and do it so well.
this was the shot that, initially, pulled me in.
i love everything about this. a great wall color against the 'twig'. it's so gentle. look at that tiny bird. diminutive and dear.
then i moved on and saw these. i LOVE these. they're beautiful.
if you're creating a little girl's room. how great are these?
or even for a little boy. change the colors a bit and you're on to something. (she collected these twigs on hikes) and i must interject here that i love how she shot these against the wood grain backdrop.
this is the kind of thing that the art department at pottery barn kids rips off and gives no credit to the originator. as i would have said in high school, 'i'm so sure'. beautifully crafted. the more i read about her, i find that her approach is really one of a 'fine artist'.
"I was experimenting/playing again. This time embroidering on a leaf, it was a very satisfying experiment. And while I was at it a couple of things occurred to me: 1) I have been using leaves in one way or another while creating and 2) human beings used to wear leaves as clothes {or so it is believed} and I am embroidering "modern leaves" on one."
one of her 'mood boards':
this is SO beautiful and cupcakey. confection art. little, hand embroidered rose buds! ( my shoulders are all pulled up because, it's so petite and perfect) and, again, such a perfect back drop.
and then, of course, if your mom is the super fine artist/crafter extraordinaire, do you think you're going to get pizza pockets for lunch? nah.
this is a meal set for sal herself.
or how about this, 'oh i think i'll just stitch up a card for my sister's birthday. no big'
all of this fabulous talent resides within artist, veronica torres-miller. more of her work and writings can be seen on her blog, 'petunia' and on her flickr site, veronica TM


Veronica TM said…
oh, wow megan! i am so flattered! i thank you so much for your sweet words. i love to share what i create with people like you, you make all the blogging and flickring {sp?} worth it.
thank you again for the kindest post.
and, by the way, fiona ended up eating something like pizza pockets that day, she didn't like my sandwiches=}
beachbungalow8 said…
well, veronica, you slay me with your work. it's so beautiful. seriously.

you capture feminine, diminutive, peaceful, beauty so well. and not with a hint of saccharine.

just beautiful.

even if you did admit to 'pizza pockets' that just keeps it real!
beachbungalow8 said…
btw, i bet your version of 'pizza pockets' is a little different than most! you've probably figured out a way to make pizza pockets all natural and beautiful.

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