rotten apple

i've grown up with 'apple'. my family actually had one when i was about 12 (this was an incredibly long time ago, so be impressed) i'm a very loyal customer.

on friday, my lap top of 4 years finally took a turn for the worse and flat lined. i drove to the mac store and bought a brand new, beautiful imac. love it.
the guy told me it would be no problem transferring everything. which was sort of true.
not being able to use my email properly, or transfer i tunes or i photo-, i called apple tech. i waited for 45 minutes listening to the likes of annie lennox and nelly furtado. finally, a live guy with a heavy indian accent came on the line.
after an hour of "try this"s and 'do this's.....nothing. he paused, hesitated and then asked me to 'trash' my i photo application.
i dutifully followed instruction.
now, i have no iphoto. and wanna know their resolution??
"you'll have to buy a new i-life and reinstall it. sorry."
i'm trying not to feel sour grapes about rotten apple right now.

follow up: after waiting on hold for another 40 minutes,  to speak to the fore-mentioned's supervisor, i was suddenly disconnected. trying to keep myself from blowing a gasket, i called my local apple store. as usual, i received excellent customer service. they're going to re install  i photo for me. jesus god thank you. 


Courtney said…
oh Megan! I am at a loss of words for you. I totally feel your pain. When we bought a new Mac, I lost ALL my iTunes - and I was extemely upset I couldn't re-download all the music I purchased from them in the first place. I am so so sorry!! And it sucks to be disappointed in someone you love oh so much.
beachbungalow8 said…
oh man i'm trying so hard to keep my cool right now.

but thanks for the empathy!
Anonymous said…
That is poppycock! "But for" the technician's advice, you would not have done what you did, which would not resulted in your loss of iphoto! I think you should find someone else to complain to because that is just baloney ... it was the fault of an apple employee and as such apple should make it right!
josiebird said…
the whole thing sounds just awful - from being on the phone for that long to the loss + meltdown. thanks for reminding me NOT to try to restore things myself, as savvy as i think i am! i feel like a lot of time outsourced tech support has no experience at all, they are just reading from a script of options. hang in there, kitty
cotedetexas said…
M: you do realize, I know oyou do, that you were talking to someone in India, not America! I hate that!!!! I've found that the geniuses line at the Mac store is the best! Take it there and talk to the genius, you;ll be up and running asap. I'm jealous. I want a brand new mac. I got an email from someone who has the new OS and it was like a bulletin board, so great.

beachbungalow8 said…
ya, i knew i was calling india. and that's what makes it SO much more frustrating. the accent is difficult to understand and then i feel like they're reading from a book of rebuttles. like telephone sales people.

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