that LBD, it's never too early...

in my, never humble, opinion it's not too early to start shopping for that holiday LBD. and i love the opaque tight with the dark shoe or 'shoot' (shoe boot)
mint jodi arnold metallic wrap
ya, this is what i'm talking about, man. this is money. this has me written all over it. mint jodi arnold ruffle front dress. me. me. me.
mint jodi arnold ruffle dress (what's with this model? is she 'tough girl' on top? coy, knock knee on the bottom?)
this is great one, by catherine malandrino sequin dress
this would look great on so many figures.
foley + corinna sequin halter dress (this model cracks me up)
alice + olivia sequin pencil dress
anthropologie spotlight dress
i love this one. classic, girly. can't go wrong. and if you don't think you can wear yellow but want to, this is the best way.


Decorno said…
The red-headed Shopbop model is like a a train wreck. I can't stop looking at her (in a good way, actually). She's slightly cross eyed, a little knock-kneed, sort of "buy my Girl Scout cookies" and "come fuck me" all at once. Quite a package.
beachbungalow8 said…
i know. i thought the same. i had to keep from total model bashing on this one. shopbop notoriously has stripper/madison, wisconsin types.
Anonymous said…
Hello BB8,
Growing up near Madison, I'm waaaaaaaay deep here, Not Seeing The Forest For The Trees...(!!!!)

Am INSANELY curious what other parts of the country envision as a "Madison, WI" type.......!

These things intrigue me, PLEASE advise.....!

Oh, and that yellow beribboned frock - top shelf stuff ! !
THOSE shoes, swishing round with demure black ribbons on the heels, not about to be outdone by the yellow sash.....festive and fab.....Cheers, Alison
Anonymous said…
Hello, Growing up near Madison, WI, I'm way deep here, not seeing the forest for the trees......INSANELY curious what other parts of the country envision as a "Madison, WI" type!!!
Please advise.............These things intrigue me!

Oh, and that beribboned frock (last pic) is TOP shelf. Check those shoes (not to be upstaged by the yellow sash) sporting the demure lil black ribbons are SO fab and festive!! Cheers, Alison
beachbungalow8 said…
OK i MUST add a note of apology and explanation. i'm embarassed,.

the above comment was this:

shopbop-is based in madison, WI. when i think of madison, i think of very pretty, patrician, collegiant.

but then for some reason, all the models do these stripper, come hither poses. sort of, bad attempts at 'hot'that end up being ridiculous.

so to me, they're this really funny mix, of girl from a good family meets stripper.
Anonymous said…
PLEASE...NO need to apologize! ! ! I mean it! ! !
Your refreshing, forthright and spot on points of view from cross the country are fascinating and a great study! !

If I might say so, a Wisconsin stereotype typically involves heifers & cheesecurds - so your insight, BB8, is MORE than welcome and WOW, better than I've ever heard!
You could be a WI ambassador...How about a yellow sash???ha! Cheerio, Alison
beachbungalow8 said…
i've been to madison, it's a pretty, sophisticated, hip college town.

great shopping. and every girl i've ever known from there, has that pretty, 'from a good family' look.

the things that has always cracked me up about wisconsin are:

the accent, 'go paaackers'
the 'fish fry' stories
the stories of snow mobile driving from pub to pub (are they pubs? they have a diff. name for bars)

OH! and 'cheese curds'. what the hell are those?
Anonymous said…
Fresh-curds-o-cheddar, they're a rather springy, rubbery gob - best eaten absolutely fresh, within hours of production when they still squeak....these nuggets need to be bought locally, at the cheese factory, since ordinary shipping methods aren't fast enough to preserve the flavor and squeak.

Fair and carnival concessions offer these babies deep fried in beer batter......

But who am I to flaunt WI dairy prowess, isn't CA neck-in-neck with WI?!?!?!?
Anonymous said…
Oh, a total free association/unrealted note, have you visited ?
When you get there, check out his "gallery" you'll get lost for hours........enjoy!
Marianne said…
Shopbop's models are a riot. I did a couple of blog posts analyzing the long-haired sultry brunette and the infamous redhead:

Part 1:

Part 2:
Material Girls said…
I love the tights look also! Too bad it isn't cold enough in Texas to wear them!
Anonymous said…
oh dear...
this commentary is just another example of your poor judgment, poor journalistic skills (typos and grammatical errors galore!). i mean what idiot blogger shoots themselves in the foot by bashing Martha Stewart AND using the f-bomb in said commentary? girl, you not only have the most L.A. bad taste possible, you're also really, really dumb. don't expect ANY publication or company to buy ads or your 'pro-ad' blog after that inane statement.

and as far as I can tell, you're marrying a sleazy, flirt-behind your back, dirt bag, and spending a bloody fortune all in the name of 'love'. dumb, dumb, dumb. so NOT what love is about as they say in L.A. and, as you would say, good fucking luck.
beachbungalow8 said…
bash me all you want. (it's sort of fun. it makes me feel like i'm in high school again!)

but please don't bash my S.O. who has done incredible philanthropic work in our community by starting a program for kids whose families are dealing with cancer. he continues to be a wonderful friend, inspiration and mentor to many, many people. he has more integrity than 99% of the people in this world.
Anonymous said…
Dear Embarrassed,

BB8 is a dear friend of mine. She is warm, bright and lovely. She is also a supportive and loyal friend. Your comments were nasty and intentionally hurtful; notice that she did not respond in kind. You are the one who should be ashamed. Furthermore, Martha Stewart is a felon and you are defending her. I think most would agree that that is a far greater transgression than using the word "fuck."

I have had drinks and dinner with BB8's S.O., introduced him to my beloved and witnessed how good he is to her. He is a nice and generous man. They are having the wedding they want. How does that harm you and why does that make you so angry? If Martha Stewart were getting married it would likely be an outrageously opulent affair.

Regarding grammar and punctuation, don't throw stones if you live in a glass house. The body of your comment isn't exactly flawless. Have you ever heard of capitalizing proper nouns?
Anonymous said…
Embarrassed For You: Jealous much? Go start your own blog if you don't appreciate BB8.

BB8: You are one of the finest bloggers out there...we love your biting sharp wit and exquisite taste on the east coast! Keep it up however you like!
beachbungalow8 said…
thank you guys! you're very kind.

it's so funny that a blog about trivial shit like design could evoke such ire in a complete stranger. did they sleep much last night? did thoughts of bb8 make them toss and turn?

i mean, this person can attack my obvious lack of using spell check or complete disregard of proper punctuation (because it's all true and so what? i'm no journalist!)

but what's with the anger around me personally? it's just so bizarre. a total stranger just so pissed off at me because of a blog.

weird. and i'm guessing this person is on a series of meds.
cotedetexas said…
Say what you will about BB8 (I happen to love and adore her) but leave Nick out of this. You aren't fit to even write about him. Go back and pick on someone worthy, Nick's the wrong person to put down. Do you have ANY idea just WHO he IS???????? Or are you that much of a clueless idiot (grammatical errors and all)? Your comment makes so sense in the slightest and you prove it by what you said about Nick. Leave, no one likes you here, no one will lister to you here, no one wants you here. Disappear back to the gutter from where you came.
Anonymous said…
I'm joining the chorus.

I've spent time with BB8's S.O. as well, and he's funny, smart, kind, and loves her and her kids absolutely. The two of them together are a great fit. The four of them are a family. And he knows the value of family. He also has dedicated his life to taking care of people he doesn't know (children) in the worst times of their lives. I wonder if you can come close to being as generous as he? I doubt it, or you'd not be posting petty responses on a blog. How silly of you.

It's sad that you not only feel compelled to bash her because she's better than you and is leading a happy and productive life, including a bright future with the man she loves, but also that you do it under a pseudonym that drips with bitterness. How brave you are.

It's a pity you're envious to such a hateful degree. Hell, I'm envious of her, but for all the right reasons, and happy for her in all of her successes.

In my experiences online, I've encountered grammar nazis like you before. You're always so concerned about the insignificant because you're control freaks. Control your own sad life and leave BB8's alone.

But she doesn't need me to defend her - she's pretty good at deflecting your pettiness. She's that kind of person - she just feels sorry for you.
Anonymous said…
I have read all of your mean and rude comments time and time again do any of you have anything positive to say ever? It seems as though you live very sad and negative lives i feel very sorry for you.
beachbungalow8 said…
no. we don't. and you should feel sorry for us. very.

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