things i love: 'the baker's dozen'

1. leontine linens:
oh dreamy, heavenly linens o' my dreams. why must you talk so dirty to me. these are it. the only sheets in which i would actually feel comfortable sleeping naked (i know, it's just a personal pref.) like wrapping yourself in italian love. luxe cotton sheeting , milled in italy, custom-cut and finished to order. sha-wing. and loook at those monograms! they make me bite my finger tips in a fit of controlled frenzy.
2. chromac:
pimping your mac to enth degree. actually, it's a mild pimp. which is why it's so appealing. and now that macs have gone the way of dell (i.e.-main stream), those of us who are 'natives' to 'mac world', may need to personalize with our very own vanity plate. (thank you in(side)theloop for this find!)
3. the smell of 'downy' (not only) in the morning:
(no, you silly angelenos ! the fabric softener!) except, if you're single. a guy's t-shirt (which is lovely) smelling of this translates to: he has (or has recently had) a girlfriend doing his laundry. this should be seen as a red flag. (just a word to my 'sisters')
4. ebay scores:
how happy am i when i find a vintage, gucci bag
or a big vintage belt buckle? well, just as happy as i am when i score some incredible, primitive painting of an elk, or a social register whose pages i will someday plaster like wallpaper all over a little powder room. ebay wins, make my heart race and give me a little late night, one upmanship, buzz.
5. mid 60s to early 70s, dove grey, mercedes sedan:
i couldn't find the exact picture of it. but i used to see this really cool looking woman every morning at the light on broadway and colombus in san francisco driving this car. she of the platinum cropped hair, large dressy earrings and vintage sunglasses. a bit scary looking.
she was my secret idol for a few years.
6. stacks of orange hermes boxes:
i remember this guy i knew, 'craig', he would save all of his bags from the 'polo' store and place them all over his room. (i think he may have even had a 'polo' teddy bear on his dark Burgundy, paisley ralph bedspread) i always, sort of felt sort of, eesh, embarassed for him. it seemed sort of sadly, desperado.
to be clear: this is not my attempt at trying-on craig's pain. but more, that i like the color block the boxes create. and i like the brown edging. and i like the storage aspect. i'm all for a box with the same feel and look without the logo. shoot it my direction if you find one.
7.dunkin donuts' coffee:
it has been said, that if you've lived on the east coast for any amount of time you're either a 'dunky' or a 'starbucks'. i'm definitely a dunky. starbucks is a bit too char-bucks for me. a little dunky in a styro-foam cup walking down beacon street, brings back sweet memories.
8. the sunday new york times:
glory be and leave me alone now.
9. l'or de vie:
are you all familiar with this, this, golden nectar of the crepey neck gods?
the other day, i received some perfume from neiman's in the mail. with it came this little button of a sample. i am telling you, this stuff is not of this earth. makes créme de la mer look and feel like kindergarten paste. a tiny dab under your eyes, and it seriously 'erases lines' --i kid you not. amazing.
10. l.l. bean bags:
monogrammed. these make me happy. in a simple, turkshead knot bracelet
against a summer tanned arm kind of way.
11. ceviche sunday:
a tradition from my san francisco days. living in close proximity to a ton of asian markets carrying fresh sea food- on sundays, we would gather what looked interesting, come home and 'cook' it all in a vat of citric acid. such a great accompaniment to a great bottle of wine, fresh sour dough and a few close friends.
12. diet coke with crushed ice:
courtesy of istockphoto
13. fabuloso cocktail rings:
'what's so special about that??" you say. and to that i say.....don't limit yourself.
if something is wonderful, regardless of the trend, roll around in it, soak in it, flaunt it and feel beautiful and spectacular wearing it.
'tis that season after all.


Windlost said…
what a monumentally lovely list. :)
JJ said…
Fabulous! I especially love diet coke from a fountain drink dispenser. When are you and Decorno going to buy those damn Mercedes?
beachbungalow8 said…
i know it! with that mercedes obsession. decorno and i have chatted about this love of that car.i think she would look cooler stepping out of it with all of her vintage finery.

god, isn't diet coke the BEST when it's super bubbly and with that crushed ice?
Courtney said…
I love love love this list! It made me so happy reading it.
Love your list. As a die-hard La Mer fan, I am intrigued by this magic Dior potion.
Alyssa Coberly said…
its only 10am {chicago} but its taking all my strength to hold me back from going to the closest white hen and get a diet coke with crushed ice :0) sounds so good ... oh and im loving that last cocktail ring, her pieces are just so gorg!
Standing O and 'Bravo' from Boston. Love this list.

(and covet that last sweet ring...where or where did you find it?)
Right....amazing that mouse and the double-click thing.

It actually connects you to the site of where to find.

(me and my electronicals get a bit slow these days)
Anonymous said…
The list is el fabulito. I had that car. I had that car when we first met; when we'd lived around the corner from each other and didn't know it, and kept saying, "you look familiar. Do we know each other from somewhere?" I had it when we discovered our mutual love for Garbage Man Steven R. My only caution is that that car has a huge gas tank. However, the back seat is big enough to stretch out for a lovely nap at lunch after a long, long night.
Anonymous said…
Loved your list. I am literally salivating...and not just at the food. Uncanny balance of fond memories and things to be checked out. Thanks.
beachbungalow8 said…
so glad you all liked it. i feel like i have more to come. please add to my list! it's better for me to focus on what i love right now, rather than what bugs!
katiedid said…
What fun! The flip side of Decorno's "Things that are wrong". Both a kick to read. I am checkin' out the sheets and eye creme today!
LA said…
I just found your blog today and love, love, love it! I also love a Dunky's walking down Beacon myself.

Kansas has one DD and it is 40 minutes away! Total bummer.

Cheers! LA
beachbungalow8 said…
sparkie, we have some weird, separated at birth thing. we were raised, by the same ilk i think.isn't it your grandmother that has the limoge oyster plate collection? ya. you get it.

i bet you wore the same shoes as "sal" (as did i. as did my girls) the red ones with the double straps? i bought my girls' at jr. boot in laurel village. i was thrilled to know they were still being made.
Anonymous said…
So love the rope bracelet on a tanned arm. My daughter came back from camp in the San Juan Islands knowing how to make these magical bracelets. Such a rite of passage. Thanks for the memory on these cold rainy days:)
SGM said…
This list makes me HAPPY. Everything on it.
I totally remember the Polo bear (was he a free gift with purchase or something?), and I just donated my husband's college burgundy-navy paisley RL bedspread to Goodwill. Maybe Craig was a simply product of the 80s and he's totally normal now!
Anonymous said…
just peeking at your blog from over at flickr...and I love this post.

that last'm so obsessed with microworlds...and I just fall right in to this one.
all the magic of the beach and its treasures...the mystery of nature's patternings...time, light,matter...*sigh*
beachbungalow8 said…
so glad that you came over to check out bb8. i, too, love little microworlds (redundancy too apparently!)
isn't that ring killer??
Anonymous said…
Thanks. A great start to my weekend.

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