andrae, where's andrae?

do you remember this guy?
while watching a marathon of project runway the other day, i was thinking how much i liked his t-shirt, 'i'm so la' . i found it on cafe press. bought it and then received an email from usps saying someone in san pedro, ca., named andrae gonzolas was sending me something. i had no idea who that was. i'm thinking....ebay? what the heck did i buy off of ebay now? anyway, it came today and it hit me....i actually bought a shirt from the dude that inspired it.
i don't know why, but that made it so much funnier to me. and now, really, 'i am so l.a.'


AHHHHHHHH i love the shirt i totally want one. i love the title of the post also, runway is the bomb-dot-com. Thank goodness you didn't buy something from Wendy Pepper, gross.
Pink Wallpaper said…
i love andrea and that shirt! this years PR is not near as good as the past...i did like christian's outfit last night but he is too cocky!

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