the bb8 irreverant gift guide

for that pirate in your life... the swash buckle. $65.00 at veer
for that new mother in your life...the womb shaped (their words) baby blender (my words) i know you want this, click here for that person who stands at the fridge and eats. wouldn't this make it so much easier? eat with your fingers, found here
busts are in. right? and hey if kelly wearstler made those hideous ceramic dogs cool, why not make a bust of stalin, smoking a ciggy while wearing a baseball shirt cool. grab one here comrades (oh wait you can't because they're actually SOLD OUT)
for your frat boy little brother. hit this
holy toast! this will freak out the catholic in your life. who needs fatima?
for the stoner in your life. uh, wait, no i didn't just endorse that. this would make a great gift for anyone living in a city who doesn't have direct access to an herb garden of turkey hill proportions. click 'ere
i've always been a little miffed that I didn't think of the postit note first. now i'm thinking, snap! i should have thought of this! click here
for that person who hates to be in pictures....the black bar. punch this
and finally, off with those dorky wine 'charms' as another blogger once said, my wine 'charm' is the smudge of lip gloss i leave around the rim. but if you must.... oops! one more....always the bridesmaid? or groomsman? this is for all of your hella single friends. those who wear their singledom proudly. for a small bit of money you can join this international singles club and sport, proudly, the ring that shows it. made in sweden, the singelringen (no that's not me)


Courtney said…
I loved this Megan! Very fun read. And I'm always amazed at some products that make people very rich. Toasted Notes?!!
katiedid said…
You have just saved me from having to spend hours for those friends of mine that are very hard to shop for. The baby in a blender imagery is a crack up in a very dark sort of way!
Anonymous said…
I always used to say, when I saw someone dressed in a 'Cosmo Fashion Don't,' "She needs a black bar!"

I don't think most people knew what I meant, but someone thought of it. I guess I should have.

I love the Toasted Notes - I'm like you; why didn't we think of that? That little stack of yellow looks so much like a pat of butter...
cotedetexas said…
the black bar!!! the baby blender - what in the hell is that thing? - these are too funny!
Anonymous said…
Megan, you rock!!

I got my Singelringen as a gift and I know how much I appreciated it. I'm passing it forward and getting Singelringen for my brother and roommate this Xmas.

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