favorite finds from seacloth

i love the happy feel of a little seacloth in december. sort of like sending your holiday stress level on a bit of a, fun-cocktails-by-the-pool, moment. 
 18" pillow $110.00
bureau box $165.00signature apron (this print is so great) $36.00
add some *pow* to your space. kick it up a notch or two... same as above pillow. $110.00 
 this so great. what a perfect holiday hostess gift. (and it comes with lucite tongs!! i wouldn't give this away if i bought it!)
pretty letter holder. would make a pretty wallpaper print. $50.00 . sort of beats my silver toast holder. 
 these would look great with just about any style of china, pottery, you name it. sleek, organic and modern. love. $325.00 per place setting.
  every household needs a good 'birthday tray' beautiful breakfast in bed tray for the ones you love. $135.00
  seacloth, 'it's a good thing'


Alkemie said…
I just noticed that you call your blog roll "Blog Crushes." That is so cute and inventive! This was a fun post. I have thing for sea shells.

Anonymous said…
Hello BB8,
Oh, about a year ago, do you remember seeing the HB spread featuring her (Seacloth founder Susan Harris') crib on Long Island Sound? Oh, and there was another peek in 11/07 Trad Home.
Crisp & fresh.....kinda like December snow on the beach......Cheers, Alison
um, how cute is that ice bucket! Great post!

Style Court said…
that red gypsy print pillow is my fave :)
Unknown said…
You do find some very beautiful and unique things! Good eye!

Anonymous said…
I'm in love with the ice bucket. In love. Don't tell Trainer; he'll be jealous.
Jo Walker said…
My favourite ebay fabric seller has a couple of pieces of Seacloth fabric at the moment .... here and here.

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