how i spent my weekend.

sometimes living in l.a. is kind of choice.
for instance, you can hop on a plane and 2 hours later be sitting, pool side, gazing at whales in the sea of cortez. it really doesn't suck that much.
actually, what i wanted to share with you was a bit of the, beautiful, 90 million re-do of 'the one and only, palmilla'. although the compound itself is large, you really don't see a lot of the other guests. which, snotty old me, really enjoys when i have 48 hours to decompress.
the beautiful chapel on the grounds: a very simple idea, banana leaves wrapping the inside of cylindrical vases filled with water, a hibiscus floats at the top, and black rocks create a visual anchor.
they give you great swag too. this is one of several little 'gifts' that were left in the room each night.
90 million, is a nice little chunk o' change for a budget. nothing was over looked here. nothing. note the fabulous galbraith and paul ('sweet pea' & 'donuts') fabrics.
this is the entry way into our 'room. so private.
above the tub are smooth rocks, same thing was on the floor....which feels like a little foot massage. our out door 'living room' : i love this padded headboard.
the restaurant was a visual treat as well for those of you in the mid-west, charlie trotter is the chef of 'C'. the food and service is decadent.
i loved the carpets used throughout. the color combinations were so fresh and unpredictable. of course, we had to have some local fare, and so ventured out to a local neighborhood for an incredible lunch of tacos. seriously, it really was the best way. (and, yes, i noticed the disparity)
how about this creepy sculpture. we were a bit rushed. this was sitting outside a gallery in san jose, and i had to take a photo. this is how i felt after eating 4 pork tacos. now it's back to reality! i would highly recommend this hotel if you can swing it. it was heavenly, if only for 48 hours.


Oh oh man. What an outstanding way to spend a weekend in such splendor. I can only hope you made 48 hrs. feel like 96.

Such a treat just to see what this place looks like!
RowHouse said…
I agree! I've heard some awesome things about this place, but never seen good pics - thank you. What a wonderful place to unwind...
Anonymous said…
Sounds like you had a good time and liked cabos, that's great Meagn.
cotedetexas said…
Is this where your wedding is going to be? Gorgeous!!!!!!

my hubby and i honeymooned here and loved it! our stay was cut short by a hurricane however... i'm dying to go back!
Style Court said…
Is that the headboard that caused such a sensation on d*s last year? Or earlier this year? Grace was trying to track down the fabric. She did, as I recall. Or something quite similar?
beachbungalow8 said…
it was so beautiful there. i don't think these photos even do it justice. the whole vibe was amazing. the people who work there were absolute professionals.

stylecourt, YES! what the heck is this fabric? it's just on the tip of my memory. i've been going crazy because it's been published so often. i have to track it down now.

i'll email design sponge.

oh, and no this isn't where we're getting married. we're getting married at a private residence. which if you can believe, i haven't ever laid eyes on. ha!

imagine how interesting that's been, to plan!

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