match making on the 10

i was at the thomas lavin showroom today and was completely salivating over the christopher farr line of textiles. have you seen them? these photos don't do them justice. mostly because of the scale being so off and the texture of these hand printed, very 'precious' fabrics (12-14 weeks out) but the colors, they're so saturated and mmm! just perf.
on my drive home, some guy in a hurry gave me the finger on the 10 (who gives the 'finger' anymore, its so 1981) . i sat in traffic on stinkin' lincoln for an hour. ahhh. los angeles. what's a girl to do in these times of duress but dream a little dream of fabrics and furniture.
carnival in kiwi....
would be so at home on this lovely, xia li bench from house eclectic
and how about a little spring time in 'ruby'? now this one, i have to tell you, is breath taking in person. even if red isn't your color, i promise you, this will make you reconsider. paper the back and woosh, insta wallpaper (well almost) i would so put this up on my wall. long as you pull in the tamara bench
then of course there's always my love of the tropical bird. this is such a groovy fabric. the woman at the showroom called this 'quite daring' of him. i don' t see this so much daring as i do, just crazy, wacky aunt tillie in vero beach. oops! is that an asian vibe i'm getting?and in a crazy citron no less! let's get the party started.
christopher farr, one of my top new favey fave design crushes (have no idea what he looks like but i sho do like his fabrics) and i do so love house eclectic when you need something just a step up from west elm with a playful feel.


Mrs. Blandings said…
bb8 - great resources - thanks for the heads up on both. So sorry about the traffic. And the ill behaved driver.
beachbungalow8 said…
i'm telling you that fabric is so spectacular.

and the freeway? eh. it's just part and parcel of living in this town. you learn coping techniques such as these!
Anonymous said…
Nice post Megan :)
Style Court said…
Tons of great posts this week Megan. Loving it.

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