merry festivus

shop_ani-1.gif (image) oy! i just realized that christmas is right around the corner. time to start hunting and clicking my way into gift giving season....
enough with the webkinz already! hallmark's made plenty of donuts on that dreck. let's take a look at some well thought out kids' (and grown-up) gifts.
woolyhoodwinks. i say let's make these the new 'webkinz'. creative and sweet, woolyhoodwinks are the creation of san francisco artist, jeff root. junco and reddy (seen here) and their friends are handmade in new mexico $30.00
i have yet to find that cool kid who would wear a kaftan. but, dammit, i'm pushing for it. from virginia johnson KIDS. this sonia print kaftan is so lovely and light. with a pattern to die for. imagine this with some great, wide legged white linen pants CUTE! $98.00
i swear to god, i wish i looked good in red. because, i'd order the 14 year old size, and squeeze myself into it. john robshaw kaftan, for that uber styled child in your life. $98.00
rody, rody. who doesn't love rody? we had one of these years ago. it was ridden down the steps a few times, with minor scrapes. eventually, i thought 'we'd' out grown , dear old rody. i tossed him to the curb. now, 4 years later, my 6 year old is begging for rody again. it's a super designed 'hippity hop' that looks cool and is fun....just like your f.p.e.-favorite person ever (new acronym to replace b.f.f.) $49.00
the 'carrie bicycle basket', this could go either way. kids or adults. i'd totally attach this to my beach cruiser for summer time fun. festive! reminds me of those mexican paper garlands. $55.00
margaret solow, nightingale jewelry, for that really special babe in your life. these are simply divine, in the simplest of ways. a faceted gem on a durable nylon cord. while, they come on a 14" cord, for kids, they come a little longer for adults too. layer them, or solo. they're gorgeous.
moving on to grown uppy things. keisuke serizawa calendars. these calendars have a really special story behind them and i encourage you to check it out. the technique of dyeing a pattern with a stencil is original of Keisuke Serizawa, and in 1956 he was specified as a Living National Treasure according to his achievements of "stencil-dyeing". these would be a lovely hostess gift. $18.00
stump your recipient with a modern blanc de chine piece (less the 'chine' part), from japanese design unit, gelchop, fantastic little works of sculpture. bold and realistic products using FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) each piece is hand crafted as it's ordered.
i've always had the buying theory of, when gift shopping, 'one for you, one for me' this would be my pick. these swedish scarves will make any outfit, instantly stylin' cotton striped scarf. $39.00
who hasn't, at some point, wanted a pony for christmas? i know these have been around, but salvor fauna mini pillows are so fantastic. out with the super glossy chrome, animal prints of modern, yesteryear and with these sepia toned 'animal prints'. these look great in kids' rooms as well as the unexpected punch to a sofa. def. a conversation starter, definitely not last tuesday's 'modern'


Style Court said…
Great picks Megan. Love the kid's kaftan and rody.
I would love one of those bicycle baskets - in white - lacey looking. Great look for the beach here too!
SGM said…
The woolyhoodwinks are so precious BUT, I cannot say a bad word about Webkinz b/c I love to kick arse in Cash Cow and Bananza (the webkinz computer games, for those who aren't familiar).
Anonymous said…
Fab goodies.......would love the Salvor Faun pillows as a doorstop......they have a rather sturdy look.

Did a little window shopping, ok, well, real shopping, at, have you seen their stuff?

Tis the season.......Cheerio, Alison
Flotsam Friends said…
Hi Megan, I'm always looking for the perfect gift for a child and I think I may have found it! But then again, how could I choose which animal to buy? Love these cushions. I also think the Margaret Solow jewellery (I'm Australian and that's how we spell it) is divine, so simple. Kindest, Pru

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