virtual gifting

when i was in college, my friend gretchen and i would be stuck doing phone duty at the kappa house (roll your eyes here) and so, we'd spend the requisite hours flipping through catalogs, playing the "gifting game".
if you couldn't find one thing on each page for yourself, you had to 'gift' it to someone you knew. well, today, my blogger friend leah hennen (more ways to waste time) posted a very funny, spot-on virtual gift giving.
i couldn't resist so in the spirit of the 'gifiting game', merry christmas my friends:
to one of the most generous and supportive friends, who also happens to be, one of the funniest people i know. karen of bonjourbrookline. she shares my passion for jutta (yoo-ta) bags. this bag, to hold her notebook and pen so that she can make witty notes on her observations around the world and back home in brookline, mass. the 'adana bag', by jutta neuman (noyman)
for miss habitually chic. please fill this book out and make copies for all of us immediately. found where ever the stylishly, well connected shop.
the 'other' black book, pre-written for the rest of us. for mrs. blandings. i just know she'd share my love for this vintage read.
for stylecourt. because her love of suzani, can't just stop at her home. she needs to dress herself in its love. the persian moon dress from anthro
for my 'god mother' of blogging. she who has mentored and inspired me to blog...sfgirlbybay. a free day of shopping with the voracity of a supermarket showdown--at our, shared, favorite shop in s.f. 'nest'
to one of the most entertaining bloggers on my crush radar, decorno. because, like the sub title states, she's fearlessly inappropriate and fabulously eccentric
for my late night, im-ing friend, cote de texas....because, dammit i love that she gets so much traffic and commenting over her 'love' of decorating with dead animals.
my old friend robyn (gardenrooms) probably already has a pair of these. but i can totally see her tromping around those big old gardens of pacific heights, in the fog, wearing these.
and to inside the loop, one of everything from san francisco's bell'occhio. because it's just so her.
and finally, anon, did you think i'd forget about you? no way! you who drives so much traffic my way? you, who brings my friends and big-sister protectors out of the blog-work? no my friend, to you i say, cheer-up, don't take life so seriously and mostly....don't be a playa hater.
for everyone else, (and i'm sure i'll keep adding as i 'shop' over the next few days) a little art from my old illustrating days. happy holidays, happy new year and thank you for being such a fun, creative, designery, hip, smart, bitingly witty group.
oh, and if you don't like your gift, feel free to re-gift it to another blogger!


Anonymous said…
you're so cute, I love these ideas & thanks for the boots :)
Decorno said…
I am totally cracking up that you didn't forget to give ol' Anon a gift.

You da bomb, M. Thanks for my virtual Doonan book.
Style Court said…
Very spot-on Megan. I love my gift! So flattered to be included. (We need to give Joni a collection of pics of all the legendary rooms with animal skin rugs.)

Habitually Chic said…
Thanks Megan! You crack me up! I love my gift. It's beyond perfect! I'll make sure I post some good Little Black Entries in the New Year!

Happy Holidays!

Mrs. Blandings said…
Megan - I adore my gift! Not just because it's vintage and I know I would love it, but because you must know how often I hear, "Oh, but you're not from here." Twenty years later.

This was a fabulous idea - and I am in total agreement with all the selections. The Doonan book is a stitch; I bought it by the box load when "we" were all turning 40. Merry Christmas
Courtney said…
Oh my gosh - I feel so very special! I love this!! Thank you for thinking of me AND gifting me the most perfect items. I love Bell'occhio so very much!! You're the best - and most thoughtful blogger friend ever. xxCourt
You are the bomb, Megan. Thank you for the so very kind words and awesomely virtual jutta. It shall be promptly added to my ever-growing collection.
I LOVE this post! I am coming back when I can relax and enjoy it - the last of Christmas preparations is overwheleming me at the moment! Thank you for stopping by to greet me and I look forward to keeping up with your fun blog. I, too, have been up in the middle of the night with Joni -maybe I can "IM" too!! By the way, were you at UT when you started this gifting idea?
Anonymous said…
You my dear have MASTERED the gifting game! We have come a long way baby! XO Gretchen
cotedetexas said…
A bear rug, ok - you're posing naked on it, my dear. hehe


Thank you! I owe you one, big time.

beachbungalow8 said…
GRETCHEN! do you remember doing this? actually, i still sort of do it when i'm sitting in a waiting room flipping through a bad catalog (j.jill etc)

cote de texas. if i do pose on this nude you must post it on your site. you think those fur people are offended? you'll open a whole new audience of 'offended'
Anonymous said…
ohh those boots are soo fabulous.

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