the balenciaga blazer knock off

it's a good thing that i'm not a fashionista, because i'm still enjoying a look that was shown LAST fall. but this is largely because it's a classic. and i know it's a classic, because here's my mom and some old dowager ( in the back )circa 1975, sporting it (mom is that a dickey i see?)
this jacket. this great piped 'blazer' (that word makes me shudder-'welcome back kotter'= blazer to me) is such a classic. a great little somethin' somethin' that will turn any casual look, into instant high fashion chic. not everyone can afford the price of balenciaga luxury but fear not...j crew makes a fantastic runner up:
i've tried both of these on. they're incredibly well made. double faced wool. nice inner jacket detailing. the works. and here's the beauty thing. right's on sale for $99.00. bar-go-nie


SGM said…
Why do you do this to me, BB8?! I'm on a spending hiatus!

This is killing me....
Anonymous said…
Nah. That was a wool scarf/shawl sort of thing that was part of the ensemble. The whole thing was a suit plus the aformentioned scarf. The pin had belonged to my mother.

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