bird is the word

my dear friend karen (bonjourbruxelles)
called me the other day from the streets of brooklyn. she was on a hall pass from her family. her call was to wish me a splendid new year, and when i asked her of her whereabouts, she explained, that for a few hours, while in new york, she was out sourcing cool new shops.
we sat on the phone, she on the corner of some street in cobble hill, i on the computer in l.a., we googled her way to 'bird'. i had never heard of this boutique. but leave it to karen to source out the best-est places to peruse. check this shop out. so wonderful.
adorable hand created masterpieces. if you've read this blog for any amount of time: you know how anti-bratz i am. this is what childrens' toys should be.
love these shirts. reminiscent of hand tooled, prints. fabo. (and what an inspiration for those of us who can 'totally make that' )
i just love this photo. i don't know, do i love the fabric more than i love the globe more than i love the stool? it's all so wonderful and swirling and chocolately and bright pink....
and then there's the jewelry. the jewelry on the twig with that vintage wallpaper. i haven't been to this store, but god love the creative director. you're making anthro look like a pack of corporate wannabes.
so of course, i click onto the 'jewelry' ( i have an impending wedding) i think , oh dear. these are perfect. i'll buy these for my gals as bride's maids gifts.
um. god i love you girls, at 890.00 it's just not happening. but they're beautiful eh? so about now, i'm sounding 'cheap ass' ok, well look at the sale items. i love this top/dress? great with jeans or a black tight and super strippy shoes. you call it:
and check out these hot,sigerson morrison boots:
i mean , seriously, this is what you want in a boot. business on the up swing,
party on the down-fold. it's the mullet of boots for god's sake.
karen is my go-to girl for all things cool and boutique-y. check out's so 'the word'


Anonymous said…
Love your "Bird" gig/scoop! ! !

That is none other than an untouchable Josef Frank/Svenskt Tenn fabric. ("Hawaii" in brown linen, also comes in white)

Cheers, Alison
Megan, nothing like the sweet bi-coastal internet to make all good things happen. I scored some Wendy Mink earrings and a couple of Stewart+Brown frocks at Bird. I think you're good karma was with me all the way.

beachbungalow8 said…
i'm not trying to be all know it all-y, but i KNEW that had to be a josef frank print. god i love that stuff. it's always so animated and uses the best colors.

karen, you always find the best 'deals' oh, btw, love the jutta program that you have going on in the picture.

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