blue ribbon shopping

once again, here i am, standing on the street corner of la vida de blogging, looking around trying to decide which direction to cross, and there it appears. right in front of me. another adorable, shop:
brooklyn based, blue ribbon general store. proprietress, ann lopatin's concept for this glorious little, urban gem was to create the idea of a country general store and fill it with fun and functional things for modern living. and boy did she ever...
come on in....let's do a little browsal. (she sort of won the location lottery. way to 'corner the market')
i just know, if i actually walked in here, i'd be in a stupor for hours. picking up stuff, examining it. convincing myself that i, or someone i know really needs it because it's just so darn COOL.
like, look how cute these 'brooklyn baby' onesies are. they come packaged in the take out coffee cups seen all over the city.
birthday balls? sha. with my up coming birthday i am in total need of some 'birthday balls'
stuff for the kitchen.... where does it stop! what is that cool shell printed stuff in the back? and she has 'salad paws' (that's what i call them) the best salad utensil made. ever. such great kids' stuff
definitely gets the blue ribbon for whimsy, wit and all things beautiful. i just love when a fellow, good shopper opens a store with wonderful finds! blue ribbon general store 365 state street (corner of state and bond) brooklyn, ny


I love it ALL!! What great finds!
Unknown said…
Looks like an awesome store - too bad I'm 2000 miles away!
josiebird said…
and ann lopatin is a super nice and talented girl - it's great to see someone like that pull off the feat of opening a shop in nyc. i need to get out there asap!

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