gifted sister gift

i have to share with you the beautiful birthday gift that arrived from my, insanely gifted, sister (aka-deirdre daw).
deirdre is one of the premiere ceramic artists in the world (literally). and just by proxy, i get to procure amazing, museum quality pieces.
i love that she never fails to add whimsy and humor to all of her pieces. it's so 'her'. growing up, she was always the harbinger of humor in our family. i love that i see her humor-- in all of her work. no matter how sophisticated
thank you deirdre, i've since, sunk a fist full of trader joe's daffodils in this beautiful gift and can't wait to fill it with lemonade.


dana said…
I read your blog all the time..I love it for all your creative sass, and it always seems to bring me a smile. Today, I am, I must say..moved. This birthday present from your sister is one of the most beautiful things I ever seen. The happy little sun smiling up at you just makes it all the better. Happy birthday to you! Thank you for sharing!
Mrs. Blandings said…
If she's funnier than you she must be a riot - which makes her doubly gifted.
beachbungalow8 said…
dana- so sweet of you!

you're so very kind patricia. i like to laugh. that i will say. i'm not sure everyone gets my humor however!

but i'm glad you get it!
Mrs. Blandings said…
I mentioned this to Shack last night and he said, "Funnier than Megan would be hard to do. Is she funnier than SHAWN?" Oh, those Daw kids. Can't beat 'em.
beachbungalow8 said…
well, actually dinner with sean was like sitting through a nightly comedy supper club. you're right.

his antics were the best. i can't believe he didn't end up in juvi. hard to believe he's a middle aged dad living in the midwest now.

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