guess the designer

these are totally lo-res. i took them stealth style in a waiting room of a doctor's office with my iphone. so often we see really well known designer's work after it's been art directed to the hilt. so here is, one highly publicized, designer's take on a doctor's waiting room...raw and uncut. (there are definitely clues in this room to tell you who the designer is)
here are some of my favorite ideas he/she employed: using the dark wood paneling to create a warmer, more intimate space. what were once institutional walls, have become almost, library like.
the wall behind me ( i couldn't get this angle, the receptionist would have busted me) is curved.
i thought this was a great idea to bring a curved wall into the space. it softens it up, further pulls you away from 'medical building'. it adds interest and the, curvilinear repeat is picked up in the furnishings.
the lighting. wow. really well done. never eva forget about the lighting in a space. imagine if there had been fluorescent? horrible. lamps and sconces bring a warm, calming glow. oh wait, look. i did get a shot of the curved wall.
seeing the room in person, pretty much cleaned any intimidation factor that i may have been harboring. i'm obviously, taken with the room but it also reminds me that many of us 'can totally make this' any idea of who it is?


Anonymous said…
My guess would be Barbara Barry, mostly b/c the furniture reminds me of her Baker line!
cotedetexas said…
Since she never responded, yes, it was Barbara Barry. If I recall correctly, the prize was a BB arm chair recently rejected by a client of BB8 -right? so Karen K. step up and claim your reward - you da winna!!! right Tonti? ;)
beachbungalow8 said…
joni's a brat. fyi. she hides behind her beautiful blog and acts all sweet and southern, being her friend ,i know better.

you forgot to tell them, it was one of my infamous 'virtual gifts'
Anonymous said…
God, it looks like a tony funeral parlor.

Barbara Barry is tasteful to the point of embalmed.
cotedetexas said…
A brat? ha! very nice, Megan. very nice. :)

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