kitchen fashionista- the terry jacket

did your parents have these when you were a kid? i remember stumbling upon a drawer of these and thinking, 'damn, i just hit the mother lode of sweat bands' i spent the rest of the summer with these firmly planted on each wrist. they're available at vermont country store. 8 for $8 (7.95 but whatever)


design snitch said…
Oh wow... thanks for the vintage moment here. These take me to the wayyyback- All I need now are my footie socks with the pompons and my Tretorns and I'm good to go for spring break in Panama City! As a sidebar- Vermont Country Store also sells "Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific"- ::swoon::
crabapple said…
Wha's up with the music on the site?
Pigtown*Design said…
I have some of these that I found in a thrift store. Here, where the humidity's 100% in the summer, they are a huge help. When were kids, we used them for Barbie doll shifts.

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