lovely maidens of the bride

i found this photo the other day. special, isn't it.
yes it is.
i've requested from my gals, a list of their musical abilities. so far i have one tambourine player and one 'smoke on the water' guitar player. so far, no flutist in the group. i just hope they'll study this photo and do there best to hold that face throughout the ceremony.
some classic responses: "I'm also really good at showing emphasis with either a nod of my head with a wild-eyed look around or an audible 'ah yeah'. or- if you want, we could all just sway. together. like we're on a boat. because it is seaside, after all."


Frosty, glossy, feathered and brow a'furrowed. Done. done and done.

I was also going to channel Nellie Olsen, just to be sure everyone stays in line.
In fact, I think I may just speak 'Nellie' in third person throughout the entire day (um, "Nellie doesn't think you should do that" or "Nellie would like you to sit down")....have to make sure the bride doesn't get ALL the attention.
beachbungalow8 said…
oh. god. please, say your not kidding. that's so perfect. will you be tilting your head back, earnest eyebrows, eyelids at half mast? because that would be the frosty icing on the proverbial cake.
Anonymous said…
You're killing me here. Between the flower dickey, the Norma Desmond routine, and the Three Maids - I'm dyin'. Tell me you're videotaping. See if you can work in "The Moment I Wake Up" a la that movie w/Rupert Everett & Julia Roberts. I was commanded to "perform" that at my freshman roommate's wedding back in the day with some cohorts, with no rehearsal, and lemme tell ya, it can go downhill very quickly.
Will there be Mariachis!?
Anonymous said…
I want to get married again just so I can have these bridesmaids. Or maybe I can crash your wedding? I do play the recorder, after all.
beachbungalow8 said…
you're IN. what's your hat size?

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