make your own path

don't follow somebody else's.
hand letter pressed on antique maps by artist doug wilson.
"make your own path" posters available from the keep calm and carry on folks. **here ya go**


Anonymous said…
Very cool but, alas, "SOLD OUT". I guess too many people made their own path to KeepCalm's door...
Something tells me that, in your immortal words, "We could totally do that". Maybe some day we'll make our own path. OK, I'll put down the hookah now..
You make so much sense, but who is listening? We all need to make our own path. Thanks!
franki durbin said…
now you know (rebel of all rebels that I am) that I LOVE these. If there's a sign that says one way it actually offends me. LOL. My very patient husband has learns to love me in spite of my constant need to question authority and custom. These are GREAT.

I'll be linking you!
I love that these are printed directly onto maps - so, so clever!
As a map lover, I LOVE these!

Joanna Goddard said…
these are so nice, very inspiring xo

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