mrs duggar...i dig your do

i'm a little obsessed with this woman. actually i take that back. i'm not obsessed with her. sure her womb is comparable to a clown car. that's a little weird. but honestly, any healthy (albeit INSANE) woman could pump out the same. no, it's not the woman and her many many spawn that intrigues me. it's the hair. can someone please explain this to me? i find myself channel surfing sometimes and as i fly past a shot of this hair i have to stop and inspect it. it's mesmerizing.
is that a mullet? with a long perm? are those feathered pieces at the side? or are they a nod to the hasidic faith? they're very wispy. sort of see through really. and a barrette? so what does that do. exactly?
i know she doesn't have a whole lot of time on her hands to sit, idly flipping through fashion magazines. but where was it that she once saw this 'look' and decided, 'that's it! that's the one' the michelle duggar style. who knows, this may be the next trend. i beg posh spice to take this one for a spin.
UPDATE: after some research. i have found out that the duggar family, are of the quiverful religion. NOT mormon, or southern baptist as most would assume. besides being evangelical, the religion requires the women to be submissive to the man, the girls to wear long dresses and the boys to wear polo shirts and chinos
(oh my god (MY god), i just realized that 'houstons' restaurant chain is quite possibly involved in all of this. these kids are raised to serve large groups with a smile, wear chinos and polos daily all with a smile. is 'houstons' some sort of a beard for the quiverful cult?) we (reader sparkie- and i --sort of) have established the 'duggar-do' from here out be referred to as 'THE FULL QUIVER'.
if any of you hit houstons today for lunch (since my guess is that you're bored at work reading this) could you please do some sleuthing for me? maybe check name tags for 'j' names? gratuitously drop the F bomb a coupla times just to see if there is a flinch, ask if the tater tot casserole is available?


Anonymous said…
i must admit- i have these feelings too... i do the same, i flip past, stop dead in my tracks and go back... to inspect. let me know if you come up with a name for that 'do'.
Courtney said…
Megan - I'm LOVING your posts this week!! Thanks for the smiles. xx
Unknown said…
That is standard Mormon hair fashion for woman my friend. I don't know when it started but it's been the style of die hard, over populating, followers of Mr Smith for some time now. It didn't look so out of place back in the 70's but it stands out like a sore thumb now. Living in Vegas we are just a stones throw from Utah where long curly locks with heavy bangs and floral prairie dresses are the norm. Who knows, if Romney gets elected it might catch on as a mainstream fashion trend!!! Can you see Paris Hilton sporting this hip look?
Anonymous said…
That's a Fertile Mullet (and beach...I've SEEN the clown car inspirational poster!HAHAHAHAHA)

I could easily relieve her of about half of this with a pair of pinking shears.
One of my co-workers has the exact same "do" in a lighter shade of orange-blonde. I think she got it in 1986 and thought "if it ain't broke". The funny thing is that she actually cut off 10 inches for Locks of Love a few years ago and then came right back to this exact same style once it grew out. I don't understand where she finds someone in 2008 that even knows how to fulfill these wishes.
Anonymous said…
If any of her kids go missing the first place to look is in her hair.
Bet it's their favorite place to hide during hide-n-seek, too
beachbungalow8 said…
wait, jackie, but she's not MORMON. they're some kind of whacky chritian, home schoolin' bush lovin' (the president- i can see how this might get misconstrued given evidence)religion. but not wearers of the 'magic underwear' (are you aware of this fashion statement worn by all mormons?)
so this leads me to conclude. that she just likes this hair. or that it was once something else and has since morphed.

ALISON, you're KILLING me. who knows maybe there are actually 27 duggars. sort of like marsupials, they just climbed out of her and into the hair to develop further.

brilliant one, aren't you the one with a coworker named 'auquanetta'? where is it that you work? the DMV?
SGM said…
I can't even think about this woman without risking an aneurysm.
Please tell me that this is an old photo and that she did not have another freaking baby?
beachbungalow8 said…
she's up to 17 now. SEVENTEEN we all know what the real question is. sure the hair is a mess. but what else is going on as a result of 17 babies? i might be a tiny bit more fascinated by this. it just can't be good. muscle memory only has so many rebounds.
beachbungalow8 said…
oh and by the way. to clear any misconceptions. i have just learned that the duggar family are 'Quiverful' which is an evangelical christian movement. this information will surely come in handy somewhere.
Anonymous said…
Who says BB8 isn't educational? I too had assumed Utah Mormon but no, Arkansan Conservative Baptist. And there must be more of them because the husband (Jim Bob, natch) was elected to public office.
Having never heard of this brood I Googled/Wiki'd them and nominate the 'do be named The Full Quiver. This moniker, usually Quiverfull, is what their particular brand of uber-breeding religion is called. All information I had not priviously been exposed to. Thanks, BB8, for the Duggardly Enlightenment.
Jinx, by the way.
Mrs. Limestone said…
This post is hilarious. Ive watched those shows too and wondererd the exact same thing - whats with that 'do?
I ♥ You said…
That Lady Mullet is quite impressive.

check out my blog!
wow, get out of town..check out that hall of fame hair do!
Jan said…
wow. I am a mormon and have yet to see anyone of my faith have that hairdo. sorry to disappoint.
Anonymous said…'s late and it's freezing outside and a bit of blog-surfing is on the agenda...but this one stopped me cold in my tracks...I thought it was just me...I was grossed out by the program, yet I couldn't take my eyes off in disbelief and watched the whole damn thang. Please tell me the 'duggar-do' is not here to stay, 'duggar-done'...bye bye.

Thanks for the laughs, they were out loud.
Anonymous said…
That hair is something else, I'll agree with that ;-)
London Calling said…
OMG...I'm laughing on a work! (that never happens) Thanks I needed that!
court. said…
You had me at hello with this post! That is a fantastic mullet and for that screenshot alone, I'm reading your blog daily ;)
Anonymous said…
it's even WORSE than I thought. Check out the Duggar family website, complete with YOUTUBE links. I'd got hair-tearing shreiking out of a house with that many people in it. She must have a riding vacuum cleaner!
beachbungalow8 said…
oh ,halycon, believe me once i get a morbid fascination in my head, i check every google link. i've seen it all. i've even watched some of the videos.

the thing i realize, is that they seem like, genuinely nice good people. yes, they probably don't need to add to the overpopulated earth at the rate they are. but they're not asking a lot and they're raising kids who seem to contribute. so in the end, it's about the weird hair.
Anonymous said…
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