rian rae, just beautiful things.

sometimes blogging is like wandering around a new, favorite city. you get to an unknown corner and look up only to find the coolest little boutique that you can't wait to share with all of your friends. rian rae is one of those. based in wisconsin, proprietor jeni crawford has spent the last few years scouring the markets to cull a beautiful and novel collection of things for the home. there's a bit of a french flea market feel mixed in with an earthy, organic, modern touch. her lighting line alone is brilliant.
frankly i've grown weary of the, ubiquitous 'artichoke' lamp and its kind. i'm all for classic modern but there are other options out there when the room doesn't absolutely call for a nelson lamp... and crawford gives us a great selection. here are a few:
and great table lamps too
she has wonderful accessories that just sing to me i love mercury glass and these vases are a must have $246.00 per. giant clam shell anyone? made of cast resin $776.00. these are great in the summer: add ice and a few bottles of your favorite white wine- chic, and whimsical ice bucket. the rest of the year, use it as a great prop about anywhere in your home. this last photo doesn't nearly do this, round saddle mirror the justice it deserves. made by hand, forged wrought iron with plated nickle. at the top (which you can't see) is a beautiful, single strap of dark leather. so simple yet so sophisticated. $1,250.00 a large vintage carved wood crown $196.00. this would be a beautiful addition to a headboard with fabric draping beneath it.
there is no end to the uses for these, sweet white letters, $18.00 per letter. i love the variation of size and font. botanical ferns printed on charcoal black background with chalk colored descriptions $335.00. i'm pretty sure i need these, or a client needs these. but which to choose? the black background is stunning and dramatic (reminds me of those old french educational scrolls) but there's something so lovely about those free floating ferns. $457.00 (for the ENTIRE set of 4)wow.
she also carries, furniture, bedding, textiles and yummy scented items.
the bb8 bro deal:
just for being a bb8 reader. beginning today (january 8th) if you order from rianrae.com, you will receive a 5% discount off of your total purchase. but make sure you drop her a line at info@rianrae.com to tell her that you heard about it here.


/// said…
Definitely pricey. But I LOOOVE the letters!!! :)
Unknown said…
I'm always a sucker for a beautiful crown. They make my heart go pitter patter. My subconscious must think that I was switched at birth by subversive nuns who wanted my counterpart to take my place and I am really a long lost duchess or countess waiting to claim her rightful throne. Yeah Right !
beachbungalow8 said…
ooh i love a good,crown. especially one like this that looks like it came out of a foreign, euro movie.

hey, the bro deal makes it a little easier. and those ferns...those are a really good price.
Topsy Turvy said…
Those chandeliers are gorgeous (fairytale, bamboo cloud and oyster shell) ... Rian Rae is a great find! Thanks!

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