schwing for swag

hi. it's me again. the blogger who gets all the incredible SWAG. technically, that acronym stands for 'stuff we all get' so maybe it's more like SIOG -stuff only i get. whatever i'm just thrilled when, again, i open my mail box to THIS:
remember that great shop in brooklyn, 'blue ribbon general store'? the owner, ann lopatin, sent me a birthday ball! ok, i've mentioned that i'm sort of like the blog version, of the pathetic girl at the bar who turns to putty when any guy says she's cute. but really, i'm picky. i may be a complete whore when it comes to the compliment bait. but in the end, i only like the nice ones (with great product)
thank you ann, and anyone else who is gearing up to send me SIOG ( john robshaw, john derian, jeanine payer, jutta neuman , ruthie sommers etc) . you're making me the envy of my little blog hood.


Lovin the swag!! Or maybe just the word sway, cause it's so fun to say :)

cassandra said…
The woman who makes those balls is a close family friend, and she is so wonderful and creative! Her name is Judy Walker and she has a website - - for her bami balls. I absolutely love them! I grew up getting these (and more of her fun little products) as gifts for lots of birthdays and holidays.

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