sneak peeks~mexican wedding update

i've received a lot of really nice and inquisitive emails about my wedding. it's still happening (not that this was in question) and we're approx, 6 weeks from the date. in wanting to share a little about it (without giving away the final product) i've decided to show a few things that have inspired me along the way.
wedding dresses: everyone has an opinion. and my, ever brazen, opinion is this: i want to look like a bride. not some middle aged woman with two kids that's been married before. i also don't want to look like, 'one of the ladies'
(settle down, 'anon')
first of all i had to reacquaint myself to the world of frothy, frilly wedding stuff. a lot of it is one step sideways from pageant wear.
sifting through the 'god, no's and finding the 'oh ya's was pretty easy. luckily, there is so much "scary" happening the really beautiful designs stand out. for me, had i no budget to consider, it's hands down, monique l'huillier. brides to be, save yourself a lot of time and go here first.
her designs are simple, beautiful and chic.
i'd totally wear that neck thingy. my neck is a mile long and this would actually be helpful-sort of a 'flower dickey' (i just wanted to use that word)
this is my very favorite pick. it's so, so stunning. i wish i were about 6 feet tall. also, this wouldn't work so well in the sand. i hate to think of all of that intricate lace being a depository for the sand.
however..... if i were to wear this dress, i'd strike a pose like this whenever anyone wanted to talk to me.
and then i'd do my best norma desmond face when i was done with the conversation,walking backward and saunter away. loose wristed. ok. let's get serious. i did not, pick a l'huillier dress. the one i did find i LOVE. and it was 1/6th of the cost (not exaggerating) you'll see that one later. here is a little inspiration board that i've worked up ( i know, why so small? because i'm still working on this skill) :
i'm still going with greeff's litchfield resist. it's boho chic and perfect for a seaside wedding.
UPDATE: reader and blogger, "mamcita" requested a bit more information on greeff's, "litchfield resist". here is a shot of it in its full yardage. you can get a better idea of the repeat. this fabric comes in blue as well (and possibly a red, although i may be making this up)
the color is a bit bluer in this shot below. the actual color is closer to the image above.
to save costs, i'm going to be using this as a runner (we'll be having a farm style table) i'm edging it in a loden green velvet ribbon. a la this: to keep things sparkly and festive, silver will be added where ever possible. the same chairs in the above photo, but in silver. i found similar chargers to these (this is a shot from at TARGET. seriously. they look good.
flowers are going into the 'i can totally make that' camp. i've ordered a big dump of hot pinks, pale pinks, whites, and apple green colors. hydrangaes (apple green) tulips (hot pink, pale pink) all kinds of drippy white orchids and also the green orchids with the pink centers (where is gardenrooms when i need her!)
so think: loose, drippy, organic, profuse in color
up next on the "mexican wedding" update, "the cake walk, party favors, bridesmaids and what to do with the boys"


Anonymous said…
I'm here for you Megan, just let me know how to help. love all of your choices.
Anonymous said…
totally love it all!!
Unknown said…
Megan it sounds like a beautiful wedding with a beautiful bride!!! Wow only 6 weeks away. Good luck and all the very best.
mamacita said…
What are you talking about? The RHOOC are hott.

Can you tell us more about that green floral fabric?

Also, random advice from some bitch on the internet: what are you using the dress for after the wedding? Do you really need to worry about sand?
Mrs. Blandings said…
Megan - it all looks great - and you could totally carry off the flower dickey. Can't take my eyes off the cake! Total beach wedding perfection. Six weeks will be here in the blink of an eye. What fun. It's going to be gorgeous. No surprise.
Pink Wallpaper said…
i am sure it will be beautiful! please share some pics w/ us once you are back from honeymoon bliss!
Anonymous said…
The Dickey - A forever running joke/reference in our house.......we once lived across the street from the granddaughter of the Dickey inventor.
Now, on to your wedding goodies.....BB8, not a thang amiss! Not a thing you'll look at 50 years from now & cringe about. Not a thing you'll say "I wish I would have changed this or that".

The mantra in my house is "Must Age Well" - your inspirations and imaginings are beyond lovely and will age well, oh, yes.

That cake is otherworldly!!
I could see, in a very sublime way, nesting 3 ivory scallop shells (like the gorgeous shells on your cake) into the flower bouquets...too distracting?Just a fleeting thought, you obviously do SO very fine on your own!

Cheers & a round of Dickies......(maybe "Dickey" could be the name of your signature wedding cocktail.) Alison
It looks like it is going to be amazing. Have fun!
city pretties said…
Cymbidiums! The green orchid with the pink centers.

It's going to be beyond dreamy, Megan. You're mondo good at this.

beachbungalow8 said…'re f*ing KILLING me. dickey guy was your neighbor? that just wins over any connection i've ever had. EVER.

so why the name 'dickey'? it just, still, to this day, brings out the 8 year old in me. i think of my brother and i rolling in laughter about the word. and still...i laugh.

thank god there's not a maturity test before you parent.

and thank you, thank you for backing me on the not doing anything too embarassing in years to come idea. i sure hope not. and if i do. so be it. it's fun creating it!

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