sometimes, good design hurts.

eames. at whatever cost (bonjourbruxelle's newphew)


Liz Harrell said…
This picture made me laugh out loud. Looks just like my little sister used to, and she was always getting hung up in things. Escalators, jungle gyms, whatever. I have a feeling she would have done this to an eames chair too.
I am happy to say that my nephew did survive this child-eating chair (and other fantastically-designed furniture that decorate his stylish home).
Anonymous said…
Is it like the stocks of medieval times recreated and much more chic? What did the little angel do to deserve such a punishment? :)
beachbungalow8 said…
medieval torture device. i like it.

maybe that had something to do with chuck's inspiration when creating 'the office' chair. maybe just maybe he had a funny sense of humor.
Shelley said…
Oh dear!! LOL Thanks for the link. I'll do the same.

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