sweet little pogo find

...back to my etsy trawling. some of the SWEETEST little smooshy creatures i've seen yet. what a great gift for a new babe. these are very similar to the i golfini della nonna knit pieces. but at a fraction a FRACTION of the price. and honestly, these are cuter. they have really endearing personalities. the artist, of pogoshop writes these charming personality profiles that just add to the 'cute'.
Charlotte seems to like a bit of drama. She looks quite sophisticated in her matching cape and and her bright pink cashmere scarf. She's made from a beige lambswool vintage sweater. Her features are stitched with black cotton thread and her stuffing is fiberfill. She is 9 inches tall.
"leo and eddy"
Leo and Eddie are the best of friends. They were created from the same vintage grey wool sweater with accents of navy and white. Eddie is definitely a mouse, but we aren't sure about Leo's background. Eddie has a long tail and is 7 1/4 inches tall. Leo is 6 1/2 inches. Their eyes, noses, and mouths are stitched in cotton thread. They remain a pair. $45.00
"the green family"
This is the Green family. They were created from a vintage green lambswool sweater. Mark is 8 inches tall. He's wearing a striped wool scarf and green wool pants. Natalie is pregnant and just lovely in a matching striped dress with a crochet hem and a woolie purple rose. She's 7 inches tall. Little Jess has a turtleneck collar and purple wool pants. He's 6 inches tall. Their features are stitched in black cotton thread. Their stuffing is fiberfill. $55.00
"arlo" No one has been so rude as to ask what Arlo is. If they do, tell them he's a pal, a unique character, a sweet little guy. He sits 5 inches high. He was created from a heather beige vintage wool sweater. His eyes, mouth, and nose are stitched with cotton wool thread. His stuffing is fiberfill. His shape is a bit wonky, but he's soft and sweet, with a face you have to love. $20.00
"I live in a log home in the woods and that's where their photographs are taken. A love of the woods and nature influences many choices that I make. Creating something new with cast-off materials feels really good."


Anonymous said…
These are the only stuffed breed I would entusiastically say "yes" to........just great! !
Classic, timeless and just plain ol good.

Over the years, one-by-one, I've stealthly weeded out the accumulated herds/packs/litters of stuffed animals in my 3-pak's respective bedrooms..........
Lo-n-behold, over the past few years lots of them are finally EXTINCT........and no one's the wiser.....(and I know you'll never tell.....!

Something about the aimless stares, polyester, day-glo-fuzz......

With the exception of the classic, old school bear, dog or stick pony.......otherwise - OUT WITH EM!

What a fine find, BB8.
Anonymous said…
i absolutely LOVE these. i am a sucker for cute stuffies and these are adorable. i may have to get a few for myself! as well as some kiddos i know :)

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