thank you my dear little ducklings...

yesterday, with the help of my s.o., my children went on a birthday buying binge. where else but at their favorite place to shop...TARGET. each year, he tells them to go through the store and pick whatever they think i might like.
last year i received some lovely jewelery, a purse with a matching umbrella, a glasses case that resembles a tiny bright blue purse with a bow on it, and a spatula. the thought put into this little caboodle of target goods is priceless.
a coir doormat (and why not)
a pair of board shorts (that are seriously cute... and thank you for thinking that i'm a size 1 ahem) a starbucks to go coffee cup (not shown as it was in use at the time of the picture) a shirt that looks like target's version of a kerry cassill top (again, surprisingly cute) and for the drumroll.....season one's 'little people, big world' with 2 LOST EPISODES.
i'm in heaven. thank you, my little peeps.


city pretties said…
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Anonymous said…
That's so dang cute. Isn't it fun to see how they see you and what they choose for you?

I love the perceptiveness of children; it's so naked.

Yer a lucky girl, lady!

(I deleted and re-entered this comment because I forgot to add my name and I didn't want you to think I was that whacky "anonymous.")
katiedid said…
Cute-i-ful top! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Lucky girl to have such nice peeps. :)
Bayou Contessa said…
How sweet! What wonderful and thoughtful peeps you have!

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