thank you washington post!

yesterday, terri sapienza staff writer for the washington post, included me in her article, "stylish, with children"
thank you terri! i feel so honored to have been mentioned. i stand by my belief that one can have a beautiful home that works with kids and pets. no need to compromise your environment for your crazy lifestyle. take it from the 'house of chaos' expert.


That's amazing press Megan. Congrats!
My Notting Hill said…
I read the article in the Post yesterday - your photo/design stood out. Would you like a hard copy of the paper sent to you? Michele
Anonymous said…
Hello BB8,
Good show!
Nothing better than a family, friends & pet house.
Yours looks like it wraps its big warm arms around everyone who lives there/visits.
Adore a house where everything gets used - my mantra is NOTHING'S so precious that it shouldn't be enjoyed, regardless of its provenance, age or value (which explains the dog teething marks on our 5th generation dining room table's legs, the antique rug currently held captive by wet ski boots.....woops, oh well...)
Cheers & nice ink!
beachbungalow8 said…
my notting hill, thank you for the offer! so sweet of you. terri (writer) is sending me the hard copy.

alison, thank you so much for your sweet comments (as usual) after complaining today to my s.o. that i found a dog hair on a skillet (!!!) this morning, he said," wow, this doesn't sound like the same designer i know who was all p.c. about her pet friendly home!" oops. ok sometimes i freak out. i admit it!
Unknown said…
Way to go Megan.
Congratulations on making the Washington Post!!!
Anonymous said…
You're so big time! I feel like such a groupie!
Yana Kapeli said…
Megan, great family house! It looks really fun and comfy.

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