thank you!!!!

although this is a funny and unconventional way to 'thank' my dear friends, i'm doing it anyway. i'm doing it because this is my way of shouting it from the highest point and saying "THANK YOU, I LOVE YOU EACH"
what a touching, warm, laughter filled, champagne tinged afternoon you created for me. weekends like this, remind me that i am truly blessed.
a few of my fabulous friends and the mouth watering menu
thank you for creating this gorgeous table scape ( shells and beach glass-so pretty) yellow may not be my best color i've decided.


cotedetexas said…
Aw, you look purrddy in any color, yellow too!!! Where was the shower? what restaurant? I wish I could have been there? Was Rosario there? hehe
Anonymous said…
I think you and your friends are fabulous! Your blog is informative, beautiful and so witty. You have style lady!

- Shelley in Philadelphia
i suwannee said…
the yellow is fine!
at least your boobs look dashing.
i suwannee said…
now i see! its the jcrew dress! yes, so much better on you. i looked like water bug in it.
beachbungalow8 said…
shelley, you're a dream reader. thank you for saying that! you're welcome to, virtuallly, have a seat with us and join in the laughter!

jamie, i think i could have used a bit more make-up. i'm so damn pale. it IS the j.crew dress. but i wore it over a pair of, dark denim straight leg jeans and it appeared more long sweater-like. again, my white knobby knees were no bueno.

(boobs compliments of victoria secret bra)

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