things that i love....half dozen plus 1

for some it's, pina coladas and taking walks in the rain. for others it's raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. for me, it's smells, bad ass shoes and white trash noshing. we all have our own, little things that make us happy and so, in no particular order....these are a few of the things that i love.
fetish me pumps
you got me from the word ‘hello’ and to these, stilettos, i say a smokin', gravely voiced... "HELLO". or rather (as whitney houston once stated) hell to the ya’. these are some of the hottest shoes i’ve seen in a long time. makes me happy to be a girl. (however if i were a man, i’d happily go tranny for these) georgina goodman shoes at nina & lola
french fries with blue cheese dressing
my mouth is watering. my god. have you tried this lovely duet? blue cheese dressing and fries? and not those icky fat fries but the really skinny crunchy ones. it's about as tasty as......
chips in your sandwich
photo courtesy of jdsaenz1
let me give you the back story on my w.t. palette: my mother, was one of the few mothers in the 70s and 80s who understood the importance of organic foods. i often came home from school to the smells of baking bread. we had a farmer who would drive to the city to deliver, hormone free eggs --in exchange for a bit of cash and back issued 'new yorkers'. my mother, when she wasn't busy, baking bread, knitting, making her own yogurt or raising 5 kids, also had a compost heap (and still does). hippy/ country club mom. a paradox, yes. but actually, a woman wiser than most. in truth, as with most things our parents do, i just thought it was weird and embarrassing. it also created in me a, wicked white bread, processed meats and chips fetish. the more carcinogens the better. bring it! all of you moms think you're doing your children a favor depriving them of these chemicals. but truth be told, you're creating junk food monsters. i urge you to go out right now, and buy some white bread, slather it with mayo, add some chips and some good old, baloney. cu-runch!
there's something about the sound of my desktop 'trash' emptying that is so satisfying. and it's not about the purging. it's truly just that sound. if i could make that my ringtone i probably would.
new socks
love the feel of new socks. and it only comes that one time, before they're washed. my feet feel like a new babe wrapped in swaddling.
the best are the cashmere or cushy running socks.
eau de wallpaper book
ok, stay with me here. you know how certain smells, like a magic marker, a new car or a new doll smell so good in a weird, synthetic way? that's what a wallpaper book smells like.
this book is merely for visual purposes
i was recently at the schumacher showroom when they received their new 'kwid' book. both the saleswoman and i raised the book to our faces, 'fast times at ridgemont high' style. inhaled and ...... mmmm. good times and good smells.
speaking of smells
i was going to stop with the last one, but i just candles are worth EVERY (s)cent. my favorites for this time of year are the following:
rigaud's, 'cypres'. unparalleled. rigaud is the epitomy of parisian luxury. the scent was created over 100 years ago. and how about that packaging? this is one of those things you could create a room around.
diptyque. have you ever been to a diptyque 'salon'? there's one on maiden lane in sf. it is SUCH a treat. one of my favorites is the feu de bois (this isn't for everyone) as the name states, firewood. it smells like the most lovely, aromatic fireplace. like aspen, at night in the winter.
i know my taste tends to run spenny. but, the votivo 'red current' is about half the price of the fore mentioned. and the fragrance is just as complex and rich. i've tried their other votivo 'fragrances' but non parallels 'red currant' . the great thing about these three fragrances, is that burned throughout your home, you get this yummy mix of wintery smells.
i should mention this word of caution, never buy candles on sale. they're usually old and have lost their scent. freshness counts with these.
these are the things that i love. the smelly version.


Anonymous said…
I love the convenience of the internet but with it we have lost old-school airline tickets. The ones that smelled like fresh xerox, like going places. So sad.
And p.s. Red Current is my absolute favorite candle scent.
beachbungalow8 said…
oh..yes. i totally remember that smell. i also love the smell of suitcases. the old hard ones. they always smell like, soft powdery lingerie and travel. or at least my mom's did.
Anonymous said…
I always look forward to your posts! This one was way too funny & I totally want to buy a Rigaud's cypress but $70, yikes - I froogled & DRUGSDEPOT.COM sells them which I think is the funniest thing & something you would appreciate!
Anonymous said…
Hello BB8,
Oh, yes, my husband likes Feu de Bois.......Oranger is lovely in the kitchen and when I'm alone (because this one isn't for everyone) I light up, inhale deeply, roll my eyes waaay back and sigh over Tubereuse.

Was exclusively and deliriously hooked on Diptyque until I stumbled upon Voluspa Candles (means "bringer of wisdom" in Scandanavian lore....) Their buttery, soft wax carries fragrance like no other....The "Champagne" candle from the black collection is otherworldly! !

Ahhh, smells.....the shampoo we used as teens, boathouses, babies heads, "school" smell, "department store" smell......never liked "church" smell, tho' (!!!)
Cheerio, Alison
Oh, I feel your pain. I had the organic mom too (with her Master's in dietary science) . It's no wonder my favorite meal is Kraft mac n' cheese and Twizzlers. Meanwhile, my husband who grew up with a "candy drawer" is practically a vegetarian.

Love your list.
Mrs. Blandings said…
Megan - George T. sells the diptyque so I have been indulging a bit - Feu de Bois is one of my favs. As for the votivo? Red Currant, yes, yummy - have you tried Clean Crisp White? also delish. And the smell of wallpaper books cannot be beat. Ever. Under any circumstance. Hope you had a great trip.
Becki said…
Loved this list.
Lays on pb&j watching Letterman.
With a side of puppy breath!
Happy New Year...
Anonymous said…
Puppy breath! It smells like sausage. And my chihuahuas' feet smell like Fritos. and Fritos on a peanut butter sammich are delish. And the smell of almost anything chemical: magic marker, sharpie, nail polish, gasoline (I used to stand by the nozzle and sniff it when I was a kid till my dad said, "you realize you're destroying your brain cells because of the lead you're inhaling" - such a killjoy). Anyone remember the old mimeograph? The ones that came out purple? Loved that. The yellow part of the carbonless paper. Sliced cucumbers. Old Spice. My husband's shirts.

I'm glad you're back!
SGM said…
Blue cheese and fries...I'm drooling. So glad you're back!
beachbungalow8 said…
puppy breath and the nape of a baby's neck! my god! i inhale these things whenever i can. and frito toes on dogs? are you kidding? it doesn't even have to be my own dog, i love that salty old smell.

i too, love gasoline vapors. but only for the first few secs. i like that my room smells like nail polish after i've sat in bed and painted my, man hands, ballet pink.

mrs b. really? you too like feu de bois? everyone else is freaked out by it's realistic scent. i LOVE it.

i'm so happy to be back with my peeps who totally 'get' these simple loves of life!
beachbungalow8 said…
alison i have a tueberose in my kitchen right now. if it wasn't halfway down,i'd send it to you. i'm not sure i love it.but i do know of volupsa and will def. look into your fave.

as far as teen hair smells, how about, spritz forte? totally takes me back. shuemera has a new line out for hair and the anti frizz stuff smells like 'spritz'.
Some non-sequitors for you: I'm not only reeling over this awesome list but also the compost heap shot.

-have always loved frito-feet dog paws

-and to add a little sumthin' to the candle list...,5,13/

This crazy-money candle from D.L.&co. is sumptuous. I received Bay Laurel as a gift...burns very art nouveau...a candle that no one but me is allowed to touch.
blackbird said…
Good job...I've got to try the french fries with blue cheese as I'm not a ketchup kind of gal.
Kate said…
Oh, if you love nice candles and good scents, google Penhaligons. It's a fabulous English perfume house with an attention to detail so lacking in most shops these days. Their new Lily and Spice fragrance has just become my signature scent!

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