under my umbrella , ella ella

america, be on alert WE HAVE WEATHER!!! the bouncy, in your face, maniacal cheerleader weather of l.a. has just been given the full-palm face plant and told to 'sit your giddy ass down'. yes, a lovely, moody storm has just pulled in to town. and i for one, am so happy. at last, i can dust off my wellies and pull out an umbrella. and this is my pick:
seattle's, pare umbrella
these lovely nylon plumes were inspired by the umbrellas seen in tokyo. they're hip, elegant and fun. the perfect accoutrement to any outfit on a rainy day.
i love the construction of these. total mary poppins, british banker accessory.
brass hardware pin dots? on navy? love it.
and when those crazy happy-head blue skies come back to spread their bake-sale cheer, they become beautiful art pieces for your home.
i love a rainy day


trendinsights said…
Umbrella designs are getting more hip these days. Lovely!

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