when parents were cool

how come in old pictures, our parents, look way cooler than we do now.
my parents, circa 1973, yalapa mexico
and we look like dorky little kids with weird hair
aaaaand, me. way too old to be wearing pinafores and braids


freefalling said…
Do these photos and people belong to you?
beachbungalow8 said…
those are my parents and my,lovely,self. i just got a scanner (i'm a little slow on the blogging tech aspect) so now i'm going scan happy!

in the future, i plan to scan every magazine that comes through my door and discuss, ad naseum, each and every trend. in the mean time, you guys get my crusty old family pictures.

not sure which is more interesting.
Mrs. Blandings said…
They are chic, Megan, but your girls will be saying the same, I promise.
Anonymous said…
Your parents were always cool lookin'. Dad with his panama hat and honduran shirt and ultra-mod striped pants, and your mom with the floppy hat and jackie O. shades - and they always brought back the best stuff from Mexico.

Your parents were much more chic than mine. Mine were cool, but in a more hippie sort of way.

And that picture of you is exactly how I remember you. The ever-present braids and impish gleam.

Your dad was the talk of our high school - he was the "hot" dad.
beachbungalow8 said…
you're way too nice mrs. b.

and becky, 'ewww'

why didn't someone stop the braid madness for me?
Anonymous said…
No one was allowed to stop the braid madness. We would touch your braids just to make you glower at us.

And as for your dad, he was this sort of cross between the young Rex Harrison (http://tinyurl.com/2femb3) and the young Christopher Plummer (http://tinyurl.com/253lme).

Sorry, but that's definitely hot.
Becky, you are spot on with the review! We all now know where you get your aesthetic, Megan. Classic, classic, classic.

As for the braids, always wanted'em but never had the hair for'em....and wanted them so I could spin and whip them wildy to keep my brother away.
beachbungalow8 said…
god you're right, he did like a cross btwn those two guys.

when i wasn't crushing on andrew jackson (yes the president), andy williams (no idea)or gregory peck's adicus finch (obviously) i had a thing for christopher plummer.

ok, the braids? GOD. i wouldn't let anyone cut them. it's true. i admit it! way too long. way. and weird in a menonite way.
Anonymous said…
Christopher Plummer and Rossano Brazzi. Loved them. And Tony Curtis and David Cassidy.

All unrequited. My dad looked a little like Plummer too. Now, if you put him and Hugh Hefner side by side, you'd swear they were brothers. Talk about murky.

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