you know who you look like?

i was at barney's the other day checking out the goods, and i came across photographer and film maker, alison jackson's book, 'confidential'. fascinating i thought. sort of a taschen version of all those crappy magazines i tend to read waiting to get my nails done. i was also, a bit annoyed that barney's would buy this book. when you live around these parts, the whole, celeb. thing gets really old. i shook my head in pity at the sell-out-ness of good old barney's.
but that didn't keep me from opening a page and flipping through. and what i found, was...dare i say 'shocking'? shocking and really, really, funny. in a subversive way. are you with me yet? these are all fakes. celebrity look-a-likes. shot beautifully in 'confidential' moments. love the disposable razor in this one (must have been after their recent visit to chuckee cheese)
and the dodi baby. some of you di lovers might find this one offensive. but i promise you, you haven't seen nuthin yet. jackson is british so there's a lot of slam jammin on the royals. but there are equal amounts on paris hilton and the likes.
this is one of her other books. which i imagine to be even more, viciously, fun. locally, the M+B gallery in hollywood is having an exhibition of jackson's work, running through january 26th.


franki durbin said…
ha! okay, now that's actually funny. I love that it wasn't yet another W style spread. I'll have to thumb through a copy of this myself. Thanks for letting us in on the scene ;)
SGM said…
Ooooh, I love this! Brilliant idea. I want to see one of Kelly Wearstler getting a bikini wax.
city pretties said…
When my hair was really short and spikey and I wore my copper-rimmed glasses, someone told me I looked like that woman who snapped, "You AH the weakest link!" on the show of the same name.

I stabbed him in the eye with a pen.

beachbungalow8 said…
in highschool....some one told me i looked like 'imaan' and then 10 years later, i heard 'whitney houston' um. i'm really,really white. i'm not sure what to think.
beachbungalow8 said…
and btw, wearstler pre any kind o' a wax can be seen quite easily!

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