your walls, your way

i'm crazy about this company, 'WallCollection'. such a great design idea. digitally printed panorama wallpaper. the deer in the woods? eh, so last tuesday-urban outfitters catalog.
this allows you to choose your very own image. and you do it all, over the computer. click, click and your on your way to an excellent form of self expression. the possibilities are simply ENDLESS. you can choose from their photos, and beautiful art..... or up load your very own.... wouldn't this be great in a kids' bedroom?
photo: flickr member lolapaipro
or feel like a rock star, everyday: i think i'd do this, tilt shift shot, to help assuage my feelings of homesickness:
photo: flickr member swansdepot
"This type of wallpaper has many advantages compared to traditional printed wallpaper. Traditional wallpaper usually has a 53 x 53 cm report/pattern repeat. This means that the same pattern must be repeated numerous times to cover a wall. WallCollection wallpaper has no report/pattern repeat limit, so the designer has free rein."
**check it**


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