behold: insect as fashion muse

a lot of things inspire me to 'design' and i am not lost on the perfect design nature presents to us everywhere (fibonocci, the golden rule,et al) what is more perfect after all?
however, i think i've just found my newest muse inspired by those crazy children of high fashion design. uncle tim,
be on alert....
silver fish making your skin crawl and nose itch? turn that frown around and admire the beauty of the feathery gray nuisance (i personally have the chills right now)
the green mothra becomes a gorgeous flowing gown (this, i actually understand a bit more)
oh my. this looks like pig entrails (which was just offered to me in the form of a mexican soup called 'menudo') i've always wanted to drape a millipede over my back. just. like. this. i love beetles . i love their iridescent qualities. but i don't really like the thimble, helmut head couture that this has inspired. the jacket, looks like it could be interesting though. it's all fun in the name of creativity. but to this challenge i say, in my highest pitched heidi voice, "insects? you are NOT the winner, Auf Wiedersehen" bus-bus thank you trendinista for these compelling comparisons


beachbungalow8 said…
i think i've just skigged out the rest of my readers. glad you weren't too freaked. maybe i'll design a whole room around a worm.

no wait, actually, i don't want to have to think of worm that hard. maybe....a monarch butterfly would be nice.
Anonymous said…
I love are the first "design" blog to say anything about him, but of course. That is why I love your blog!
monologue said…
This is so WILD and interesting! :)

Martha B.

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