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when i was a kid, my older sister, had a friend named becky.
they were roger daltry loving teenagers of the 70s and i was a weird, pale, amish looking child. lurking quietly at the door listening, observing, soaking in all their teenage cool angst. becky, had a sharp wit which scared the bejeezus out of me as well as made me want to...well lurk a little longer.
fast forward many, many, many years, i'm alls grows up and becky and i are actually friends. although, sometimes, she still thinks of me, as the weird silent child at the door, picking paint off the jamb listening and lurking.... or something. so my point is this, becky is still very cool and very talented (not to mention she finds the best random stuff on the internet) she's started her own blog called city pretties, cool things for urban living. give it a go-see and while you're there, have a look at her lovely jewelry on etsy.


city pretties said…
You were so cute, but odd.

Perfect image of you, picking the paint off the jamb! And I still love Roger.

I'm happy we're friends; it feels lucky.

Ain't it funny how life works?

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