eye cookie

i'm so late on the cookie trail. i have never seriously checked this magazine out. the other day, at the gym, i grabbed a stack of magazines to quell my boredom as i climbed my way to no where. after hungrily devouring "OK!" and "intouch", i moved on to "cookie" , in it i found these little crumbs to nibble. the loft of designers and shop owners (the apartment), stefan boubil and wife gina alvarez . they live stylishly, here, with their two children.
the fabulous wallpaper, reminiscent of a rorschach test, is by timorous beasties
and i love the two bed frames pushed together to create one giant long bed. overhead is an ingo maurer chandelier with poems and doodles dangling.
what a great dinner party kitchen. the red chairs are from ikea.
this shot was taken to the right of the long dining table. the epoxy artwork on the wall is by artist alex echo. each one has different shape with a different phrase. the desks were salvaged by alvarez's mother from a philadelphia schoolhouse.
they call this area 'the family garden'. the 80s sofas are from ebay
and a SWING. bejeesus. this is my dream loft. if i lived in nyc. this would be the only way to do it.(yes i'm aware of the price of real estate. i'm just sayin')
i love that this place was pulled together with a mix of ikea, ebay finds, designer furniture, fixtures and wonderful artwork. proving that just because you have kids, does not mean that you have to live in a lifeless hovel.


Anonymous said…
Amen to that! I love that they don't have one of those ugly toy-organizing bookshelves with primary colored plastic bins, which I was starting to think were being handed out to new parents when they leave the hospital.
Unknown said…
I love Cookie, although I have several piled up waiting to be read. And the toy thing is handed out, we just gave ours back. I don't know a kiddo house, save this one, without one.

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