a little night dickey

i'm on a dickey roll. i keep seeing 'dickey' in everything. i must secretly long for one (or just want to be able to use the word as much as often) here's my latest find (via the fabuloso blog, painfully hip) i think this little triangle of 1983 magic is divine.
i'd wear it just like this with a strapless number (yes, tube-top. so.) but i think for you more conservative types, who like to keep their bits under a bit more wrap, this would work splendidly under a jacket or a blouse.
the night city scarf


cotedetexas said…
you just like that word! Those aren't dickies! Dickies are fake shirts you wear under sweaters.
beachbungalow8 said…
totally love that word. brings out the 12 year old humor in me.

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