village - for like ever

remember this domino feature (09/06)? shoe/bag designer and current target celeb, jessie randall's nyc apartment. the poster, by village, hanging over her fireplace became hugely popular after this issue. i love the humor and beauty of their work. ( i also loved this space. that paper on the back wall is so disco-fabulous)
village is a new york, design collective of 11 artists who create unique typefaces. if you're not in the market for new and groovy type faces, has product. great poster-product. each piece is silk screened on beautiful, archival paper.
i have the same one in my 9 year old's room. she totally doesn't get it. but whatever. i think it's a great piece of real art for any little girls room.
they run $35.00. and are 25 x 38. just in time for valentines comes their newest design, 'you + me' which also comes in 'coco' (brown) i have to jump in here and admit, framing them is sort of a riddle. i took mine to a discount framers (ok, aaron brothers) and because the piece is so large, plexi would have to be used and the total cost was well over $300.00 ( i want to say i was quoted $500.00-but it's been awhile)
i went to ikea & bought one of their cheap, 'ribba' frames for $12.95. the caveat, was that i actually had to CUT the paper to make it fit. made me feel like a criminal. but it looks great.


Courtney said…
Yeah my quote from Aaron Bro. was around $350, with real glass. But I still thought that was insane for a $10 poster (art, I know...but still!)

I ended up finding a place in my parent's hometown that framed, matted, and glassed it for less than $150.

I still love the way mine looks, even though everyone talks about how it's everywhere. It still makes me smile!
beachbungalow8 said…
i think in blog writing land, we've all seen it. but you wouldn't believe the amount of people who walk into my daughter's room and comment on it. we had a sitter saturday night that i over heard asking her about it.

she just gave the shrug, bored voice, 'i dunno, my mom got someplace'
couldn't care less basically.
Anonymous said…
I also couldn't stomach to cost of the custom frame so I bought a frame at one of the aaron brothers 1 cent sales and trimmed the print. It was hard to do but definitely not as hard as spending $300+ would have been. By the way, I love your blog and think you have great taste in music!

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