wait....valentine's day is THIS week?

i did this at christmas. i thought i had an entire week of leisurely holiday shopping. and then, like a dull punch to the gut, i over heard a shop clerk talking about it being 2 days away. quickly, come up with a plan.
when the whitman sampler and hallmark card just won't cut it...........
coco-luxe artisan truffles-'to share...or not' coco-luxe maker of boutique chocolates creates scrumptious bon-bons that are not only beautiful but have an imaginative mix of flavors.
"Coco-luxe offers you an unforgettable gourmet chocolate experience. Imagine all your favorite desserts transformed into delicious chocolates. Banana split, malted milk, and devil’s food..oh my! Each chocolate is topped with a unique playful design indicating the flavor."if you order these today (2/12) you'll have to overnight them to get them for v-day. BUT...and here comes the BB8 bro deal: order anything from coco-luxe through the month of february and receive a 15% discount by typing in the word BUNGALOW (see? it's good to know 'people')
salivating yet? like i said, why share? get them for yourself and enjoy. whimsy press (always good with the graphics) has a great line of cards for whatever your style of affection why do i feel like petunia face would send this one to her beloved in a heart beat.... i for one am giving my s.o. the stars, the moon and anything beyond. i've decided that we'll be heading up to hollywood to check out the griffith park observatory.
thanks for the photo mosaic westcoastcrafty
i've always enjoyed a good star party. totally stellar.


Anonymous said…
Aw, I love that card! I would totally give that to my hunka hunka. And Happy fucking Valentine's Day to you, too!

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