ya know who you look like...

sitting at the beach last summer, watching the kids running at the shore, my friend and i started a little game. if you (or any of our friends) were a celebrity who would it be. and then we broke it down into catagories ( here were her choices for me):
feature film
kate walsh (the go to celeb. if you have 'red' hair)
made for television
cheryl hines (i know, so random. she said it was something in the mouth. oh, you mean the simian thing? very nice. )
straight to video
melissa gilbert (uh....thanks. btw, did she mess with her nose? it looks a little, jacked with)
and cartoon "daphne" scooby do (better her than thelma)
now, thanks to myspace (yes, i'm over 30 and have a 'myspace'. creepy. it was for marketing purposes, i swear) and this wonderful new program myheritage the guess work is over. apparently i look the most like an asian girl (of whom i've never heard) and in the running: raquel welch and ashton kutcher. NICE.


Style Noir said…
Cheryl Hines and Melissa GIlbert *wish* they looked like you...
beachbungalow8 said…
do you take cash for friendship? even when i was a little kid people told me i looked like her. have you noticed that her teeth are an off color? sometimes gray.

and i swear, i don't see the cheryl hines thing AT ALL.
Unknown said…
Jada Pinket Smith, she always always makes me think of you. Also Thandie Newton (is that her name?), both very Megan'ish to me. I also think Kenny's mom looks like Gladys Knight so I have some real look beyond the obvious vision.
beachbungalow8 said…
i've been compared to whitney houston (in th 90s) and iman.

go figure.

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