yearbook blogger party! bring it

erin at design for mankind is hosting a blogger yearbook party. a visual compendium of bloggers with their present and past visages. vintage pictures and current photos sent by you (if you are a blogger) will be compiled into a virtual yearbook.
mmhmm. that's home gurl and her man. Tanorexia in full swing
Here's what she needs from you: An old high school yearbook photo (can include senior portraits, 'voted most likely to...'s and anything you don't find potentially incriminating). A current portrait photo (can be self portrait, but do your best to make the shot clear and hi-res) Your vote for Blogging Homecoming Queen and King (among others: class clown, best dressed and most likely to succeed).
can't wait to see this.


Unknown said…
I remember that tan with bronzer. I didn't know it was shiny until years later when I looked at pictures. And at what age did we stop having long fingernails? No wonder my mother thought I never did any work. Still love that pink polish.
beachbungalow8 said…
rubiglow. the whole shebang in one little terracotta pot. i think this WAS my summer of rubiglow.

we worked. sort of. didn't we?
Unknown said…
Wasn't it Indian Earth? blush, foundation, lipstick, nail polish all in one little pot with a big fluffy ball for an applicator. I still remember the sad sad day that they discontinued it because it was so bad for the skin. Probably caused cancer as well.

Yes, we worked, I, at a country club and you at The Limited. Nothing manual or dirty like my life now. We should have worked at Jacks. Though, I guess we weren't really old enough though were we.

Was the polish "a rose is a rouge" or was that the perfect lipstick color. I just remember calling it "the basic pink."

I bet I could find Indian Earth on ebay if I looked.........
Mrs. Blandings said…
I did have a little Indian Earth phase. Who's the cutie? Other than you.
SGM said…
I remember Indian Earth too! And yeah, your boyfriend was h-o-t.
beachbungalow8 said…
he was hot. and that was about it. poor guy. mrs. blandings, nobody you'd ever know (rockhurst jock). i sort of cringe when i look at this picture.

i'm pretty sure i have the indian earth on my nails too. i probably just stuck my head into it like a bear with her honey.

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