secret hand shake

it's so hard for me to concentrate on the coolness of this idea because i can't quit STARING at that,dirty, ill kept, scraggly, squatty thumb! wtf? where was the stylist?
ok, back the program:
this makes me wish i wore thumb rings. the possibilities are endless and endlessly funny at an other's expense.
found here*


Ivy Lane said…
I am laughing out loud at the scraggly thumb observation!! You are right on!!
Mrs. Blandings said…
Isn't that his phone number he just stamped on his new "friend's" hand? I don't think we need an explanation of why he's so grimy.
beachbungalow8 said…
i think it IS his phone number, making this an extra special, secret handshake
Anonymous said…
I love it! What a great idea!
this is so so cool!! I like the name idea..that's like "nice to meet name is...." and if they forget they can look at the stamp you just left them ha.

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