handsome boy modeling school

do you have a handsome boy whose little mug is made for modeling? and is your home equally as photogenic?
the incredibly talented photographer, sharon montrose
{as mentioned here and here} is looking for some fresh talent to include in her most recent project: photographs of dogs in their homes {inspired by the work she did of her own dog, 'squeak'}
i, personally, would do back flips, roll overs and even chase my tail a few rounds to have sharon shoot my pups.
here's what she's after:
  • Dog owners with photogenic homes who would be excited about particpating (the shoot is free, there is no cost to participants and we would be happy to provide a couple prints up to 8x10)
  • The shoot can take a few hours to all day
  • We will need to bring minimal equipment and lighting
  • Dogs will need to be allowed on or near furnitire depending on the shots (but just for a few minutes!)
  • Participants must be willing to sign a property release for both their home and dog.
  • And most importantly, participants MUST BE IN LOS ANGELES.
If you are intetested in submitting for this project, please send photos of your home and dog to squeak@sharonmontrose.com.


Courtney said…
Oh man - Burks is throwing her paws up in excitement. Until I told her we don't live in L.A.....darn! If she ever decides to travel to say, Houston, let us know. She'd have a dog-gone good time down South. xx

You had me at hello with this post, but alas I do not live in the LA area. If Sharon would like to come to NY I have two darling pups she can shoot. The 1st puppy pic is too die for. That face. I heart him!

Helen said…
Again, I am sad we're not in the LA area otherwise she could have two cute Yorkies to photograph! I would love that. Oh well, I look forward to seeing the final project anyway!
Edward would happily be there if only we were in LA!
Pigtown*Design said…
cute dog, but hates to be photographed. he just gets up and walks away... and we don't live in LA. What about Maison 21? He's got a cute dog and lives in LA and has a great house!
Beth said…
I'm in the LA area! I think I found your blog through Elements of Style and I just love it! It's great to read another blog who's on the west coast.

My pup loves the camera but are they looking for just houses or do apartments count too?
beachbungalow8 said…
pigtown, I thought of that too!! I emailed him re. it.

elle, thanks for visiting, I think if your space is photogenic in general, she'd be interested.

send her photos, see what she says!

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