I dream of genies

Tired of using and hearing the term, "genius!",
my friends and I shortened it to, "genie", "you're a genie" or sometimes, "genie in a bottle" {usually said with little or no emotion. i'm not sure why, but that's how it's done }
the following are a few product designs that I find super genie~
Snap and Dine~ generally, this term is more about how I serve up dinner at my house. I think grade schools should make this mandatory in the lunch line.
product designer: demelza hill
Hamster Shredder~terrible name. we used to have a pet mouse named 'tooth' {it was white} how handy would this have been? shreds the paper for you as it runs on the wheel.
genie, tom,
pure genie.
product designer: tom ballhatchet
Flying Carpet~ any of the corners can be rearranged over the wedges, for a comfortable little putting green to hang out, eat your cereal, wear your red pants, drink some brown stuff and watch a little T to the V.
product designer: emili ana design studio
Fading Page A Day Calendar~ the ink fades as the day passes. Kind of like eye liner.
product designer: shiyuan
Glide Toaster~ sometimes you have to shorten, "brizilliant" to "brazil". this would be one of those times.
bread goes in to the ceramic toaster and gllllliddddes on through to the holder.
product designer: george watson
"Central Park" wallpaper~ Don't just speed pass this. Come in closer....closer. Rats and fire hydrants. Do you see them? All wrapped up and pretty.
Someone please put this in your guest bathroom. I don't really do gold, so not me, but the humor in this is wonderfully passive.
product designer: dan funderburgh
Little Field of Flowers~ then there's the king, die-cut, cool product design genie himself: Tord Boontje.
Die-cut, wool felt flower rug.
Comes in autumn red too! Tord you're a brazil genie in my book.
product designer: Tord Boontje


I am in love with the toaster and the page a day fading calendar. Now if only it would rip off the old page by itself at the end of the day...
hello gorgeous said…
Very coo. (How to shorten cool?)

Hamster shredder sounds much messier than it appears to be.

I don't do gold either. So, how the hell did I end up with gold-ish wallpaper (similar to shown; birds and crickets instead of rats and fire hydrants. Still.).

That rug is grea. :-)
Anonymous said…
you are funny, genie, & brazil!
pve design said…
Love that you are literally down the street from Sur La Mer, please go in and tell Melissa, pve sent you.
Love for you to tell us what you find!
You have a way of finding cool things, great post!
beachbungalow8 said…
In my experience, coo' needs to be followed by man. so it's coo'man. not shorter just more fun to say.

I will tell her patricia! How did you find her, or did she find you?

You are head genie. I love all of those finds. The central park wallpaper is too funny. I would love to put it in my mother in laws house and have her freak when she got a closer look. Oh that was a bit mean oh well.

Me and my sisters abbr. everything when we talk. It drives my husband nutty, but oh well.
Ivy Lane said…
My nephews would love the magic carpet! and oh my... the wallpaper!! that IS something!! :)

Fun post!
Mrs. Blandings said…
Hard to pick a favorite. So glad you pointed out the rats!
Karena said…
Ooh, the flower rug in Autumn Red. The wallpaper, too funny!
Joyce said…
I'm with Mrs. Blanding how to pick a favorite. I think I need to start drinking the same water as these designers! Very neat and great ideas!!!
porter hovey said…
All of these are just fabulous!! A+
I want the snap and dine!!! So much easier to set the table.

Wait.... where are the wine glasses?
Jessie said…
Uh, I want that toaster.

Oh, the wallpaper. How I would love to use that in a client's house and see how long it would take them to notice the vermin. I won't of course, but it's so entertaining to think about.
beachbungalow8 said…
jessie,isn't that the BEST? why aren't there more, interesting toaster designs out there?

pamela, I think you should!
Carrie Nicole said…
oh my goodness! I just saw that wallpaper on Rachel Ray this week. and I don't usually watch Rachel Ray however I tuned in to watch one of my fave people, Seattle's resident lifestyle expert Kelley Moore. She did up a few entry way designs and one had that very paper on it.

As for the words... I usually say Fabu & De-Lish a lot. I started hearing "gorge" lately and think it's pretty cool but looks creepy written to me for some reason... call me crazy :)
sandra/tx said…
Such an educational post -- from new words to fun and interesting items. I can't even pick a fave. :-)
katiedid said…
I take butter and jam on mine.....gotta have the toaster. but everything...very coo'man. My daughters are gonna be hearing some new phrases at home....probably will be met with a "huh"? But Whatevs (is that over now?)
Sarah's Fab Day said…
I linked you because I'm in love with using genie, thanks.
beachbungalow8 said…
thanks sarah, i'll do the same....you genie.
Unknown said…
Love your blog. this is my first visit here. I'll be sure to come back!
Ms Unreliable said…
I definitely need a little green space where I can wear my red pants! I might even do a bit of rolling down hills in my red pants while I'm at it!

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