D is for Discount at Delight Dot Com

And just in time for the holidays the super clever buyers at Delight.com have offered to give you, my super clever readers, a BB8-bro deal! You may remember that I blogged about these great popmats last spring. Absolutely charming are these great additions to any holiday table.
And so here's the dealio~ go over to their site and type in "BeachyDelight" and receive a 15% discount on your order {wow, thanks delight!}
AND the hits just keep on comin'. If you care to leave a cloying comment....you'll be eligible to win a free set of popmats! It's really a win-win situation.
Popmats are made of 100% recycled paper (30% postconsumer fiber and 70% preconsumer wastepaper). Set of 10 PopMats; Size 19"x13". "Banquet" is slightly more expensive due to detail. available in Natural or White~ $24.75


daisies said…
oh my gosh ... these are absolutely adorable!! :) i heart the raindeer!
Anonymous said…
These are very adorable. The photos are great. I love the perfect shadows that are cast.
How delightful! I was on their site a couple of days ago and I feel in love with those placemats. Hopefully if my dining room furniture ever comes together I'll be able to order some and use them in my home.
Mrs. Blandings said…
Loved 'em then, love 'em now. And who wouldn't want an excuse to type "beachydelight?"
pve design said…
Fa la la, those are something else!
thanks for sharing....I took a cracker while I was here...tee hee.
Style Court said…
Just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving Megan!
those are fabulicious! i think i'll have to order some and then find any excuse possible to have a dinner party and use them! so cute.
love your site, by the way - stumbled on it through shelteriffic and check it daily!

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